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Dec 29, 2009 | Life in Progress

so, i’ve done a couple of things these last couple of days in the pursuit of a life outside of work. first, and most importantly, i had the sweetest conversation with john – one where we recommitted ourselves to ourselves and to each other. we had a little ritual/ceremony and by the end, i felt like a new woman ready to take better care of my whole self while walking toe-to-toe with him. we reminded one another of the last year of our lives – how we’ve had such big changes and how we’ve navigated those shifts together. we gave ourselves permission to learn, to evolve, and to grow. and we came up with a specific plan to shake up our lives a bit with more fun and energy. we’re very good at balancing one another’s soul pieces, and keeping track of how the other is doing. when one of us is off kilter, we mend together. it’s just how we’ve always been. and i’m incredibly grateful for this level of understanding and emotional support.

the other thing i did was cook the most delicious pasta e fagioli. and it was good and healthy and fast. and oddly, i felt so proud. you have no idea – i mean it when i say i don’t know how to cook. this could be the start of something… who knows?
i’m learning that it’s not so much about working too much (it’s more of a day structuring issue.), or taking time off, or breaks. it’s about combining/restructuring work with nurture. i can do that. i really can. and can i just say thank you for hanging in there with me on this? my gremlins came up after i posted that post (and after i received a few worried emails). i don’t want to appear sad or depressed. i’m just a talker. i talk and hash and analyze and discern just about everything – it’s how i gauge my intention in my life, what i’m celebrating, and what i’m working on. that, and i’ve always wanted to be honest here. i want to read back on this blog years from now and know that i represented all the pieces of my life. and life, for me, is ebb and flow. especially these last couple of years as life has truly lifted for me in so many ways. it’s why, i suppose, this blog is called taking flight into art, love, and life.
also, today. we went to portland for an all day secret mission. by the afternoon, it was snowing. i’m talking huge sticky snowflakes out of nowhere. pure heaven, that was. and quite an adventure. the secret mission is still a secret 🙂
one more thing:


happy birthday, mom! i count my lucky stars everyday that i got you. can’t wait to see you soon (i’m a little homesick, i think). xxxoooo!!!!!

Sending much love,

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