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Sep 14, 2010 | Life in Progress



I wanted to share a post I wrote for Karen + Lori’s gratitude blog awhile back:
To me, gratitude comes in those small spaces of breathing between all the tiny moments that happen throughout our days: when the phone rings and it’s the voice of a dear friend you were just thinking about, when a stranger opens a door for you, when an unexpected package arrives in the mail. It’s honoring all the small moments, the ones that collect and create a perimeter of goodness around your life. It’s paying attention to the way someone looks at you, to the way you feel when you’re inspired, to how those cute new shoes put a skip in your step. Gratitude. It’s recognizing, even in times of struggle, that you have all you could ever need, that there are moments every single day that ask you to notice, and to celebrate. It’s in these moments, for me, especially the small ones, where gratitude lives.
Re-reading my words made me think of today. Lately, life is really really full of all these small moments. Like today, when I wandered into our seriously nasty and overgrown backyard (big project –> on the next year to do list) and cut some roses found in a corner of the yard and brought them inside to our dining room which, by the way, is finally all unpacked and cutie-fied. I LOVED the smell of these roses all day long and I especially loved that they came from our backyard. We have a backyard, people! With roses!
Speaking of gratitude, thank YOU so much for making the relaunching of the online shop successful! We’re running out of items (paperweights, iphone/laptop skins, magnets) but I do believe we’ll be able to get more in very very soon. I’m not sure how many more of the datebooks and calendars I’ll be able to get my hands on (the manufacturer has sold out of its supply to other retailers), so if you want to place a pre-order, now is the time to do it for those two items! Thank you guys!

Sending much love,

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