oprah, you are my hero.

Feb 8, 2011 | Life in Progress

this is the play by play of my response to the best email i’ve ever received (i had just walked in the door, hence the puff daddy jacket):

no way, could it be true!!!??????

seriously? SERIOUSLY???

OMG! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


shake your booty, shake your booty!!!

this is really happening!!!!!!!!

i’m freakin! oh yeah! i’m freakin!!!!


thank you, world!!!!!!


everyone in my life knows how much i heart oprah. she is the first person i name when asked who i admire the most, the person who has mentored me without ever knowing me. she speaks my language. i get her. i’m inspired by her. and like so many others, i am in awe of the life she has crafted for herself and by how she inspires us all to live our best lives.

it’s true, i am a total oprah geek. i have watched her show since 1987 when i was 12 years old. my bff gina and i spent years getting off the school bus and bee-lining it straight to my house for the 4pm oprah shows. i was only 12 years old but i was already learning so much from oprah. about compassion. about serving. about following our dreams. about tolerance. about humanity.

since then i’ve grown up with her, watched every season, subscribed to her magazine, followed her tweets, and i was in front of my tv on 1/11/11 at 12noon when her OWN network launched. i am proud of her, i’m inspired by her, and i cannot believe (CANNOT BELIEVE) that i was able to get two tickets to one of her shows!!!!!! i’m certain that was the best, most surprising email i’ve ever received. what a gift…

it’s a total dream come true. it’s always been on my mondo beyondo list. always. always. always.

thank you universe. thank you energy. thank you manifestation of wild dreams. thank you, thank you! totally geeking out……..the show tapes in just a couple of weeks! i can’t wait to share the experience with you guys and i can’t wait to finally get to chicago, a city i’ve always wanted to visit!!!!!!

can you tell i’m crazy excited with all of my exclamation points?!!!!!!!!!!! oh yes, and i taking my bff gina with me. it’s going to be awesome.

okay, i think i can breathe now.

Sending much love,

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