Our Words Matter

Mar 21, 2018 | Life in Progress

Our words matter. Part of my self-compassion practice, especially along my wellness journey, has been about not using words like “bad”, “cheat”, “wrong”, or even “I need to…”. I believe words carry enormous energy. And when we say things like, “I cheated today”, we’re essentially saying that we’ve done something wrong. Instead, I’ve been trying on a new language and narrative. “I’m so busy” becomes “Life is gloriously full.” BUSY = negative hustle energy. FULL = abundance. “I’m having a bad wellness week” becomes “I’m having a hard wellness week and I know I can do hard things.” BAD = shame. HARD = an opportunity to be brave. “I was wrong to eat that cookie” becomes “I allowed myself a cookie.” WRONG = shame. ALLOW = abundance and self control. “This is my cheat meal” becomes “This is my reward meal.” CHEAT = shame. REWARD = celebration of something hard-earned. “I need to lose 20 pounds” becomes “I invite being healthy and strong and comfortable in my body.” NEED = hustle energy that is delaying of joy in the present moment. INVITE = being present now and having hope for what I can change about my wellness journey.

How about you? Have you noticed how changing your inner narrative, specifically the use of certain words, helps promote your self-compassion practice? Let me know your thoughts.

PS: Many of you have been following my personal wellness journey (soul care! self-compassion! healthier food choices! fitness!) over the years, most recently my physical fitness journey. These practices have changed my life, and I know – deeply deeply know – that we can love our bodies (mind, body, and spirit) with conscious and intentional care, one small move at a time.

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Sending much love,

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