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Mar 15, 2018 | Life in Progress

I’m obsessed with Instagram – it’s my favorite online home! Here’s a recap from the last week, and for those of you who aren’t on Instagram, come and join me!

Saturday, February 17

Lazy Saturday over here. Still in my pj’s, reading and drinking tea while these two snore next to me. John and True are skiing today, which means I have a quiet house alllllll to myself. Lots of time for soul care and dreaming about terrariums.

Monday, February 26

Hi friends,
I’m back from my social media break. I was gone a week, but it felt like a lot more, like how quality time OFF allows freedom to slip in. The nine-day break gifted me some clarity about how I want to show up here, and how I don’t want to show up here. And also about how I want to interact with social media in general. Although I have some solid boundaries around Instagram, the break felt needed. If I’m being honest, I can’t believe the level of spaciousness the break created in my head/heart/soul but in my physical life as well. And I didn’t miss Insta at all.
Do you guys notice this?
I’m with ya’ll: I LOVE LOVE LOVE Instagram. It’s by far my favorite platform in which I can merge personal and business. But I don’t want it to repair or replace boredom or spaciousness in my days. I don’t want it to interrupt or intercept the pauses or the lingering or the conversations. I don’t want the fear (of missing out on my feed, of being forgotten, of losing sales, of keeping up, etc etc etc) to dictate my being pulled here, like an addiction.
And so.
My new social media mantra will be this: IS IT LOVING? Does it feel loving to interrupt this moment and go check out my Insta feed? Probably not. Does it feel loving to sit down with a cup of tea and go to Insta and really enjoy it? Possibly. Does it feel loving to ignore Insta today all together (permission granted)? Maybe. Does it feel loving to dedicate some intentional engagement time to insta this afternoon? Could be a big yes.
So that’s where I’m at. “Is it loving?” is going to be my metric for my time spent here (as it is with my time spent off of Insta).
Have you taken social media breaks before? How did it feel? Have you had to re-evaluate your relationship to it? I’d love to know. Here’s to finding and creating a harmony with it that is real and true and …… loving.

Thursday, March 1

Feeling like a total nerd about my hair, ya’ll. It’s growing, which means BRAIDS! As a child, I always knew how to braid even though I never had long enough hair for them. I dutch + french braided on everyone else, though, and loooovvveed it.
So here I am. Braiding my very own hairs all of these years later. I’m reminded how adulting is very much about INTEGRATION. Integration of who we were in our younger years and bridging that essence with who we are now, after many miles earned and learned.
I find this is true with my Wear Your Joy practice, too. INTEGRATION. Remembering who we are. Honoring who we’re becoming. Bridging the two.

Friday, March 2

Annnnnd we’re out. Goodnight, friends.

Saturday, March 3

I made it to California’s gorgeous 1440 Multiversity campus where I’ll be teaching for the next several days. Arrived early so I could ground myself amongst the magical Redwoods that are standing their sacred ground just outside my room’s door. Feeling mighty grateful under these giants. And inspired.
I’m teaching a painting course where we invite in our guides and angels. We get quiet, hear what they want to tell us, and then paint them (and their messages to us) into being. It’s such a profound experience for me, guiding students to to call upon their divine guides and then to paint them.
I’m so struck by their bravery to show up, often never having painted before, with a group of strangers, all while being asked to be vulnerable on/off the canvas. Luckily we’re nestled in a perfect wooded retreat center that is focused on nourishment of our minds, our bodies, and our connection to all that is Divine.

Tuesday, March 6

You guys. There is a hot tub here. A big one. It looks over the Redwoods. It’s heaven. The sun here. The smells. The trees. All of it. Heaven. Not least of all the women who so bravely traveled here to paint with me. Wait until I show you what they’ve been up to. Gasp! We are going deep. We are trusting. Invoking. Inviting. Honoring. Dancing. Sharing. Aha-ing. Discovering. Soul work. No suffering. Only joy. Teaching – I’m so happy to have come back around all of these years later. I have learned eons in these many years. Feels so good to use it all in service.

Monday, March 12

After teaching for the week, I took a little detour to Big Sur and then again to Berkeley to reunite with a couple of my besties. So soooooo good. And now, I’m heading home to my people. I miss True like mad. My man. My dogs. My home. Thank you, California for filling me up.

Tuesday, March 13

Home. Home. I am HOME. Feels amazing. I missed these gems like mad. #myheartburstsdaily
I took the full day to begin the process of slow re-entry vs balls-to-the-wall-GO the minute you get home. That never feels good. Learning to plan for the all the subtleties that make up a sustainable biz and life model. Permission granted, I say. Life is too short not to savor. I’m savoring. And I hope you are too. Savor, Sisters, savor!
Photo by @shesawthingsphoto

Sending much love,

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