Friends, I’m in California to teach at 1440 Multiversity, and it’s heaven. The sun here. The smells. The trees. All of it. Heaven.

I’m teaching a painting course where we invite in our guides and angels. We get quiet, hear what they want to tell us, and then paint them (and their messages to us) into being. It’s such a profound experience for me, guiding students to to call upon their divine guides and then to paint them.

I’m so struck by their bravery to show up, often never having painted before, with a group of strangers, all while being asked to be vulnerable on/off the canvas. Luckily we’re nestled in a perfect wooded retreat center that is focused on nourishment of our minds, our bodies, and our connection to all that is Divine.

Teaching – I’m so happy to have come back around all of these years later. I have learned tons in these many years. Feels so good to use it all in service. 

Feeling called to discover your own angels? I’d love to have you join me in my virtual classroom for Spirit Wings – an angel painting course to inspire and manifest your dreams, designed to help you open your heart to what becomes possible when you nurture your spirit through art.

Use code krrwings for 15% off at checkout! Hope to see you in the classroom soon! 

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