Below are part of what I’m calling my Mantra Meditation series: a return to my roots with single mantra words that inspire meditation! Check out the new prints below (you’ll also see links to where you can find the prints), and some prompts for meditation to go with each of the prints. Enjoy!


Print available here

How do you express faith? What does it feel like to be in faith? How can you invite more faith into your life?


Print available here

What in your life could use the soothing balm of peace? How can you embody peace? What does a peace-full life look like?


Print available here

How can you lift and support those around you, without sacrificing your own need to soar? What does “rising up” look like in your life? Who’s helping you grow your wings?

Check out this time lapse of recent episodes of Kelly Rae Unscripted and see these paintings from start to finish!

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