My Wish For You Lovely People

Feb 23, 2018 | My Creative Practice, Wear Your Joy™

My wish for you lovely people:

That you align what’s in your heart with what you choose to adorn yourself with, that your clothes become a visual expression of what’s inside.

That you begin to see and feel and recognize your original essence once you start adorning her like the living altar that she is.

That you UNLEARN all the rules and begin to make your own rules, not just about your clothes, but about your roles as a woman, mother, partner, entrepreneur, and more.

That you discover that choosing joy – even with your wardrobe – is a micro move that leads to big macro changes not just in the way you present who you are but also HOW you are in the world.

That you when you choose to wear your joy, you are choosing yourself.

That you recognize that this is not a superficial practice, but rather it’s about making what’s in your heart wearable – and visible. It’s about BEING SEEN, about worthiness, about permission giving, allowances, and self-care.

Wear Your Joy is a practice that continues to change my life, all of these years later.

PPS: For those of you who are new to wearing your joy, I’d love to have you join me for Wear Your Joy, a 30-day email course for people who want to get dressed in joy.

Details here. Use code KRRjoy for 15% off at checkout!

Let’s make the call of your heart visible – and wearable.

Sending much love,

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  1. Elsie

    Still wearing my joy! Loved the course! Getting up each morning and asking myself what do I really want to wear today has become a real joy moment as I select and put juicy colors together! I am ready to leave for this evening’s orchestra rehearsal in my new Gudrun Daisy dress, a ribbon and beads necklace ( designed and made by me to have colorful beads, but on a ribbon, so I can play the violin with it on LOL! ). Thank you for showing me to get rid of the closet full of stuff that I no longer wore and use the space for fewer, but delicious joy clothes!

    • Kelly Rae Roberts

      So sweet, love this!

  2. Judy Murphy

    Dear Kelly Rae,
    I love your joy and enthusiasm. I have been trying to find a place to share something that is really bothering me. As a long time follower of yours- my house is full of lovely angels and great mantras and I have done the unscripted things from the beginning- here’s the thing, oh, and I am 70 years young! I am finding the music very distracting and when you are dancing around while painting- I don’t know- it is seeming too much. This last unscripted program started with no “bee bopping”- but , then it came. For me it is just getting to be too cutesy and I think for new people it would be much harder to learn. I love music, but for me this is getting old. Any other comments on this?????

    A dedicated follower who wants to continue learning from you,
    Judy murphy


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