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Dec 30, 2007 | Life in Progress

it hasn’t stopped raining since we arrived. true portland. and we are very happy about it. we’ve been on foot, mostly. layered in our fleece, down jackets, rain gear, and happy spirits. today, we walked the entire pearl district and strolled into all of the new boutiques and cafes. our old favorite remains oblation. katrina rodabaugh, if you’re reading this, you would love this store to your knees. so yes, we walked, and sipped on tea, and had soup with bread, and took our time. and we’ve been sleeping in, too. man. heaven.
i’ve been looking for hearts, but i’ve been seeing peace signs instead, like this one found inside the patagonia store. there were several, all over the place, like little messages. whispering peace. john and i are doing some serious daydreaming. about when we come back here. what neighborhood to live in (there are so many great options – where to choose?). what our house will look like. we even saw a brown leather couch in a store window today and declared it THE couch for our future. i love this stuff. staying grounded, but daydreaming all the same. and let me tell you, we are very good at the daydreaming.
portland has a ton of old building facades that are still standing. the city likes to keep them a part of the scenery, like street art. i just love it. here’s one of the many found today during our walk. there’s another one outside our hotel room window. i don’t know, they just make me happy with their weathered history and charm.

i feel so much more like myself here. i can’t wait to get back…just a few more months.

Sending much love,

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  1. Kelly C.

    yay for Portland! peace signs abound, that is for sure. wishing you a lovely lovely trip!

  2. Patty  Craft

    hi little sister! so glad to hear you’re feeling at home and enjoying your vacation. i agree with what sherry says.

    and being the peace pusher that I am, i love the peace signs turning up on your trip

    thank you for your creative inspiration and help this year. i hope 2008 is peaceful and prosperous for you.

    love, patty

  3. DeniseLynn

    I just found you! I was reading a magazine; Cloth, Paper Scissors … why I only just discoved that magazine is beyond me. It’s fabulous! Anyway there in the pages I found your words and your art. Ahhh. Beauty. I felt drawn to your art like you would not believe. Thank you. I had to find your blog and as I read this entry and the last I knew I had to add you to my favorites at once. Now I will be enjoying every spare moment I can find (inbetween caring for a little one and a baby) to read more posts from the past.

    So glad I found you. So glad your sweet angel art speaks to me so clearly. Thanks for sharing your he{art}.

  4. Sherry

    When the heart knows where it wants to be, it sings it’s own song.


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