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Oct 22, 2007 | Life in Progress

come take a walk with me….this is where i’ve been the last couple of days…
i’ve been painting. yes, painting. you can’t really tell in this scan, but she has a lovely glass bezel in her hair. have i mentioned that i secretly wish i had this hairdo? which is why i love painting this hairdo? john took this photo of me in the studio, but oh how i wish it was nice and tidy like it was when we first moved here. in fact, i wish our entire apt was clean and put together as it was during those first weeks here, when we had such high hopes for ourselves as good housekeepers.
i’ve been a writing maniac. i must say, i have good days and bad days. some mornings, the manuscript just wants to gush out of my heart and mind and into this computer screen, and other days are not so easy. i’m not writing everyday (although it feels like i am because it’s an absolute constant on my brain, in my dreams, in my conscious). i can’t decide if this (the not writing everyday) is helpful or not. i can’t imagine sitting for an entire hour and writing. i type/think for 20 minute spurts. then, i get up, warm up my tea. or check on bella. or meander around the apt, like i did above when i snapped this self portrait. or i’ll make a phone call. or i’ll pay bills. i’m having trouble focusing for more than 20 minutes at a time. i’m just going with it…
i’ve also been hanging out with my in-laws. john’s sister moved into the area recently and their parents are up for a week. we’ve been eating ginormous amounts of food, including ice-cream, bread-bowls, and pasta – all my favorites. it’s been wonderful to not only see them, but to actually get out of this apt, out of oakland, and out and about into real life.

in our adventures, i found this little patch of green heart in san francisco:
and here’s another one for you, found in the wood, while watching these spectacular and very noisy sea lions:
and check out this super sweet guy. so cute. i could sit there all day and watch. and of course, there was this little fellow. sitting all proud against a bluebird sky. amazing day in the city. amazing.
one last thing. i’m participating in a big giveaway over at go over here and comment if you’d like to enter to win a gift from me or several other indie crafters/artists/makers who are involved in the giveaway!

Sending much love,

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  1. Michelle (a.k.a. la vie en rose)

    oh you house is just precious…and you are just gorgeous! keep writing!…there are people waiting for your words…people like me…

  2. Ro Bruhn

    What a fabulous painting, this is one of my favourites, I love all your work but this one takes the cake.

  3. Missy Sue Studio

    Beautiful painting! I enjoyed your article in Cloth Paper Scissors….it came just when I needed it! Just wanted to stop by for a visit and say hi!

  4. Julie H

    Gorgeous post. I do love this painting, and the hair do is wonderful – a bit gollywog funk – definitely fun. Lovely pictures, thanks for sharing.

  5. Colorsonmymind

    Kelly-I smiled reading this ost. Especially abut how you get up to do a few things-knowing these little things is so fun.

    You are so beautiful by the way:)


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