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Nov 15, 2010 | Life in Progress

decorative art girlies

i have been blown away by the kindness of strangers these last many weeks. it seems that each time i go to my po box or my email inbox there is a message of hope, a sweet letter of thanks or celebration, a handmade gift made especially for baby true or me. i can hardly believe all the generosity. it’s incredibly soothing and comforting during what feels like the most confusing time of my life – a time when extreme challenges are met with extreme love and joy.

many of these dear people took my ecourse, or read this blog, or many of them were given one of my products as a gift and write to me to tell me how the gift and the message made an impact on their lives. i’m reminded of the idea that you never know who you reach. you never know the impact your story might have. you never know when that small message of hope, a small gift, a handwritten card, or a phone call might be just the thing that helps someone cross over from lonely, to uplifted. from having a crummy day to having a better day. you just never know…it all reminds me of how art saved me and how it can be a tiny portal of healing for someone else when they receive an art girlie the speaks to them or a canvas that has special meaning to them. it’s a humbling, very wide circle of healing for me and those who respond to my work. we are all connected…..


the gratitude, for me, is also in the stories. last week baby true received the most adorable handmade booties + hat from a total stranger. she sent over a note explaining that she is a twenty something year old, awaiting a heart transplant, is an avid knitter, and wanted to send over a little handmade something for baby true. she said she reads this blog from time to time, and that her mama had gifted her the art girlie pictured above – the one called “listen to your life.” she spoke about how full her life is, how she is so grateful to the doctors and nurses and to her family who all are helping her. she told me how her heart condition has helped her see what really matters in life, how she lives in the moment, how she never hesitates to tell her friends and family how deeply she cares for them. she doesn’t know when or if she’ll receive a heart – she’s already had three open heart surgeries to give her more time.

i was so touched by her story and am sending eons of well wishes her way as she navigates her journey. sometimes i get so focused on my own life, my own struggles, my own busy schedule, that i forget that there are dear souls out there fighting for their lives. and for one of those dear souls to take some time out of her life to send a bit of handmade kindness for true, well, i was blown away. we are all in this together – the circle of healing. my story and art touched her, gave her some hope. but really it’s her story and art that touched me and gave me the hope i’ve needed to see, to be awakened to.

that’s the power of art, of telling our stories, of connecting (even with a stranger), of kindness. thank you to those of you who have so sweetly sent over your emails, your cards, your gifts. i’m inspired to pay it forward. i really am.


(loving this store display of our products though i don’t know the name of this store or where its located. sorry about that!)

i wanted to say that we are in full on holiday mode over here. dani is shipping and packaging her little heart out. the other day i asked her how it’s going. i wondered if she (like me) sometimes dreaded the days that she is packaging and shipping and printing labels and going to the post office (as much as i love my creative biz, this part of the process isn’t the most fun, i’ll admit). anyway, this is what she said: “absolutely not! i love packaging up messages of hope and sending them out into the world!” so there you have it. i am not kidding, dani is lovingly sending out cheer with each order. it was a new perspective to the shipping/packaging process for me and i won’t ever forget it! thank you, dani!

ps: shipping on all orders is $5 no matter how much you spend!

Sending much love,

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