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Nov 16, 2010 | Being A Mama, Life in Progress

as i continue maternity leave, i’ve asked a few friends to guest post for me from time to time. today, we’ve got jen gray – a woman who i have admired for years and who i am so lucky to count as a friend. she was born with creativity oozing out of her spirit and i’m so drawn to everything about her – from the way she dresses to the way she so tenderly nurtures and comforts all who are in her life. and did you know that she loves a good ol’ fashion can of spaghettios (just like me)? i just adore her….

i asked about her thoughts on taking flight – her post is below. i love how she reminds us that taking flight doesn’t have to be some big grand gesture, and how she says “there is nothing mundane about you adding more love to the world.”pretty awesome.

For many years , I attached the idea of “taking flight” as something that
had to be really big, or really radical, or really gutsy. I think this
perception was my attempt of proving to myself and others that I was
strong, brave, creative and capable….that somehow, I was something
‘more’ for the adventurous things I had taken on.

And while all those big risks I took definitely launched me further along
in my life’s journey, I am now at a place in my life where I don’t desire
the intensity I thought was necessary for change or for the feeling of
being okay about myself.

Tending to my creative life is now happening with a very different
mindset. Today, it is more about learning to hear and give space to the
longings of my soul. And once I know these things, it is my job to deliver
the goods. Often it is as simple or as easy as a walk in the woods ~ and I
benefit fully for honoring a request like that.

Other times it is in choosing to do something that allows my mind to be at
Reading Hafiz curled up on the back porch instead of obsessing over a
negative encounter.

I am learning that practicing non-judgement is just as huge, if not more,
than some of my crazy and wild adventures. And making an effort to change
an old behavior that no longer serves me has required more creativity than
I ever imagined!

For me,taking flight is about clearing the path. It’s about
movement towards soul, in whatever tiny or big way that fits. It is in
allowing myself the freedom to explore, heal, enjoy, wonder, and love.

I encourage you to recognize how you take flight each and every day
in the seemingly ordinary ways. There is nothing mundane about you adding
more love to the world. There is nothing more creative than giving time to
hear the whispers of your spirit. I believe taking the smallest steps to
align yourself with your graceful heart proves you have the mighty wings
of a wandering albatross.

*Thank you Kelly Rae for showing me how taking flight can happen in so
many beautiful ways.*

Sending much love,

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