the tiniest of celebrations are rocking my world right now

Nov 18, 2010 | Being A Mama, Life in Progress


six weeks!

all of the family and visitors have left (john’s parents were here this last week) in what feels like an endless stream of company and help these last seven weeks (so grateful). john has returned to work. things are begining to settle. and we are beginning to fall into what will be our little life – just the three of us. today was a big day with big milestones.

it was my first day alone with True for 13+ hours while john was at work. i was a nervous wreck, but last nite i made baby true lock pinkies with me and promise to go easy on me. he held up his end of the bargain, thankfully, until the the grumpy hour arrived which is almost always early evening. but we made it and boy was i TIRED but happy happy. throughout the day we walked, napped, ate, watched oprah, read, and did a ton of chatting and smiling. we even walked up to the bank to do business. with True in the the ergo carrier, i was nervous while waiting in line – wondering if he’d wake up, if he’d be fussy, if he’d poo all over the marble floor. later, i practiced my mama multi-tasking skills by walking up to the cafe while True slept on my chest (in the ergo again) while talking on the phone while buying a cup of hot tea. it was a moment. a small celebration in the line of all the mini celebrations we’re having around here.

pinkie promise
(our pinkie promise)

who knew that the tiniest things like having your baby fall asleep totally unassisted would rock your world and cause you to jump up and down in the dining room in full-on celebration and then run to the nearest computer to share the news with the world on facebook and twitter?

his reflux medication has kicked in and it’s made a world of difference and life feels SO much more manageable knowing he’s comfortable. i now know what a normal baby cry sounds like and it’s much much more bearable than a pain cry. i can’t thank you enough for all the encouraging emails about your stories and your babies who also had reflux. just what i needed. my heart is resting in these days. it feels really really good.

Sending much love,

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