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Sep 24, 2009 | Life in Progress

i’m a little smitten (obsessed) with these latest birdies on top of girlies. i am so in love with making art right now. it feels incredibly good to be inspired. it seems my artful messes have been on a traveling adventure this summer. first there was lovebomb where one little suitcase full of art supplies created an explosion of creativity between 13 ladies on the living room floor in one oceanside cabin. then there was making art in the orange crush vw van during our two week roadtrip where that same little suitcase came in handy again. and then there was my dining room where more messes were made very carefully as to not stain the pretty rug. i loved painting in the middle of our home so much, that i may just do that again and again (out growing my little studio these days).
so yes, i’m learning to ride the wave of inspiration. to take my supplies with me everywhere i go. to run with it because inevitably, it will vanish. it’s just how inspiration (for me) works. it comes and it goes.

i’ve been paying close attention to my life these days and what i can tell you is this: i am calmer. my to-do list remains forever long but i’m learning to be settled with it more than ever. my days come and go without much angst about time constraints, or what i need to do. i’m just simply waking up in the morning, taking showers, putting on a cute outfit, and getting to work. i’m taking breaks for walks, and eating, and lots of local + weekly adventures with john and friends. i’m going to bed early. i’m getting plenty of sleep. i’m taking bubble baths, sometimes in the middle of my work day. i’m answering my emails as i’m able and not worrying about how long it takes me to do anything. i’m spending less and less time online and more and more time unplugged while keeping totally manageable work hours. all of this is a stark difference from 2007 + 2008 when i skipped breakfast, showering, and meals just so i could work, work, work. i was a girl on a mission. and the inspiration and dreams carried me along. those were also years when john was in grad school and often traveling, leaving me at home with countless hours to be productive. nowadays, my soul deeply needs the balance. and our lives feel so much more rooted in time together, lounging, and soul care.

there are so many reasons for the shift. the move to seattle. john settling into a job. my settling into a new routine. loving our home space. and of course having elyse (my assistant who i can’t live without) who keeps me all together, who manages the shop orders, who keeps tracks of my income + expenses, filing, inventory, and things like that has made a HUGE difference in my life. HUGE. also, more than ever, there is a sharp sense of slow down, enjoy this, every minute, you won’t be forgotten if you take a break.
i suppose i’m also feeling more settled as an artist making a living at what i do. i’m relatively new at this and boy were those first couple of years a wild ride. things are settling in a bit now. i feel more solid, more grown up (yet not at all), more accustomed to what routine and balance (or lack of) looks like when inspiration hits, and more in control of the choices i can make. there are a million paths i could have taken these last two years. so far, i’m really proud of the decisions i’ve made along the way and i give full credit to the magic of the universe, intuition, and good advice. and as always, to love, love, and love. without it, this recent settling after a wild ride wouldn’t be possible.
it’s late. i’m rambling. more soon!
ps – i’ve updated the shop with a couple of new prints of recent works, previously sold out bookmarks (LOVE these!), more necklaces (they keep going so quickly!), and two (one, two) canvases that have been on backorder for months and months and are finally available.

Sending much love,

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