a visit from my parents

Sep 18, 2009 | Life in Progress

my parents left this morning after a week of visiting us here in seattle. the house feels so quiet today…and i miss them both already. they traveled all the way from florida – aren’t they cute? we did a whole lot of lounging with a small bit of adventure thrown in, including kayaking:

where the views of downtown seattle were pretty remarkable with the amazing sky! (that’s greggie in the kayak).


we ventured out to snohomish, washington – and i’m so glad we did because the universe had a big surprise in store. it’s a quaint little town with antiques stores galore. finally! i’ve trying to figure out where all the antique and junk stores were in this area and now i know. later in the day, my mom and i walked into one adorable store called joyworks. as soon as we walked in we saw a large display of my products – the canvases, bookmarks, necklaces, cards, calendars, datebooks and more! my mom just about peed her pants, she was so excited. it was the first time she had seen any of my products in a store and i was so HAPPY that i was with her for her first time (thank you, universe!). so fun! here i am with the sweet jana in front of some of the canvases.
we turned our dining room into a big giant arty mess which was really fun.

my mom made a couple of paintings. i’m LOVING this photo of her holding her brave painting. my mom is a lot of things and brave is most definitely one of them. she promised she’d frame it when she got home 🙂


lately, i can’t get enough of painting. i’m loving having all of my paints and supplies strewn across the dining room – where it all seems a bit more accessible and where space isn’t an issue. this painting reads “open up. let it go. possibility is waiting.”

me and mom
here we are. the two of us. lives intertwined, so much love. my mom is very much a person who is deeply loved and adored by her community and her family. we’ve traveled such distance over the years and i’m always left in awe of her spark, her energy, her creativity, her love, and her friendship.
i was sad to see them go. love them both so….it’s hard being so far away sometimes.
in other news, have you guys seen julie+julia??? i loved that movie because it’s all about finding our passion, no matter how old we are, and running with it. it’s also very much a love story and about how love is often the very thing that offers up the vision for what we can do, our possibilities. loved that movie!
giveaway winner is wildflowr who said “light filtering through” – please get in touch with us so we can get your gorgeous earrings shipped out. thanks again for playing along and to my sister for her generosity!

Sending much love,

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