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Aug 2, 2008 | Life in Progress

in the breathing spaces just before falling asleep last nite, i had a gentle wash of emotion spill from me – a touching down into the root of a perspective so pure it made me cry.

like so many us, i casually go about my life doing what i do: tending to my creative business, answering emails, meeting deadlines, packaging orders, hanging out with my husband/friends/dog, painting when i’m inspired, and on and on. in the mix of all of that (life), i sometimes see myself and my life a bit abstractly, not quite holding close all that i have, all that i am, and all that i’ve done. so last nite, in a space of complete exhaustion (it’s been a crazy week), my conscious let all the layers disappear and there i was in clear and close vision: a girl living her dreams. doing it. actually doing it. living a life, however hectic it may be, with deep + wide joyful knowing that it’s the life she’s always wanted. there i am again, with a husband who wholly adores her in every way. and there is mom who calls often, never too far away. and more: my dog bella, my friends, my colleagues, even my creative successes – all there for the taking, for the seeing, and with a deep deep understanding of how i fit in the mix – how i am the actual person living this incredible life and that it’s entirely ok to let the abstractness go, hold this life really close, and to celebrate every ounce of it. and so i did celebrate last nite. with small gentle tears of wow, i live a very cool life of blessings. i’m pretty much a gratitude seeking girl, but this was as if i saw my tangible life with all its various components through a stranger’s perspective – and it was a perspective that had me feeling incredibly lucky and deeply grateful in a fresh way i hadn’t known before. our friends + family (and the spiritual universe) see us for exactly who we are. it’s an absolute gift when we see it, too.

Sending much love,

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  1. Heather

    Thank you for reminding us all to ‘live in the attitude of gratitude.’
    Heather x

  2. Relyn

    Thank you for your lovely post. It makes me smile that you know the blessings of your life. More, it makes me take stock of the blessings of my own. I am definitely a woman blessed. Thank you for reminding me.

  3. Connie

    You are so blessed – it is obvious to us who read your blog and view your artwork. But people don’t always look at themselves and see that they are living their dream or understand what that really means. You know!

  4. pERiWinKle

    sometimes we try so hard to ‘fulfill’ our dreams that we forget we are actually busy living them!

    Isn’t it magical when we can get rid of all the layers…and just feel this moment?!

    Big hug xx

  5. jacki janse van rensburg

    ah, you write so beautifully! i always love popping in here, because there is eye candy in the form of your gorgeous art, and then you write so poetically too. and you make me think…

    thank you for your wonderful blog! you are still one of my favorite favorites.

  6. Di

    I think the main thing with this revealation is that you know your blessed and accept it and celebrate it. So many don’t even realise the blessings they have or the blessing they are. Beautiful post. Thanks for sharing! x

  7. violetismycolor

    this is a lovely post…how well you articulate your gratitude! BTW, I love the print that I bought from your shop. I have it up on the wall, next to my computer office…

  8. shimmer & shadow

    yea! isn’t funny how once we realize that we are living our dream lives, even more of our dreams come true? namaste, dori

  9. paris parfait

    It’s rare that life bestows so many blessings at once and important to acknowledge them – and our efforts in realising our own hard work in bringing dreams to fruition. A lovely, inspiring post…xo

  10. Graciel @ Evenstar Art

    These beautiful words and the full awareness of your blessed life are now etched in your heart and will see you through any rough waters to come. Once we KNOW something, we can never unknow it.

    Your awareness is rare and an extraordinary treasure. In sharing, you awaken the knowingness in others. Thank you and namaste!

  11. Carmen

    What powerful words. Thank you.

  12. Christianne

    i love this! thanks for sharing, kelly rae. and i’m blissed out that you got this perspective about yourself and your own life. that moment sounds pretty darn holy.

  13. Linnea

    You are amazing and your true vision so beautiful. Thanks for seeing that, catching it, holding tight, and sharing that with me.

  14. Rowena

    You’re my hero. I have a vision of my life, and I can see that I am on my way there, only, there have been some necessary detours, I think. Which is where I am now. It might possibly be the best way to getting to my dreams, so I am willing to keep going, even if it doesn’t quite look like my dreams… yet.

  15. Liz

    aren’t those beautifully pure and often fleeting moments the best! thanks for sharing yours,,,

  16. Evidence of an Artistic Life

    What a wonderful piece to read! Thank you for the lovely post. Looking forward to your book!
    chris p

  17. Kim Mailhot

    Wow.. how beautiful that you were able to have those moments of pure understanding and gratitude. It is what we all strive for really, I think. You are truly blessed – both in how you are living your life and how you have been able to recognize that. Thank you for the inspiration.. I hope I find my way to my moment like that too !


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