discovering joy

Jul 31, 2008 | Life in Progress

to me, discovering joy feels like:

being supported, even in tough weeks that have me questioning my optimism (thank you for your kindness).

hearing john’s voice as he calls from guatemala. he’s been on a medical mission trip for seven days now, and boy have i missed him – a bit of my center displaced.

painting again. a lot. putting birdies atop girlies. haven’t done that in a lonnng time. love it.

making an appt to get my hair cut next week in portland. one brave pixie cut coming up.

watching the video over on blue poppy’s blog – oh my, get ready for deep + wide tears of joy.

making plans for travel. lots coming up. lots of daydreams, too.

what does discovering joy look like for you?

Sending much love,

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  1. Linnea

    Discovering joy is going for a run outside and feeling breathless and good about my body and my self. I feel as if for the first time, my limbs and their strength and I feel so thankful and happy.

  2. rivergardenstudio

    Joy is a summer garden, a blue heron on the side of the river and a cool breeze. Your new paintings are joyful! Roxanne

  3. Frida

    I’m so glad you find support in tough weeks – you certainly deserve it. Wishing you more and more joy wherever you go this weekend.

  4. Steph

    Being in the moment and knowing all is perfect. I forget this – often. It’s joy to remember it again!

  5. Anonymous

    Joy infuses me when I look at your art.

    Joy wraps me in laughter when I watch my dogs run with pure delight and freedom when we start off on our morning walk.

    Joy is light pouring down through a break in the sky after a thundershower.

    Bisous, bluepoppy

  6. justagirl

    I love the girl with birds on her mind…

    joy is watching my children…

    Little Ben discovering a new bundle of fluff hidden in a corner…

    Hannah trying on her whole wardrobe trying to find an outfit for the disco…

    seeing my art table patiently waiting for my return…


  7. Victory

    Besides opening Kelly Rae’s blog and finding a new all-time favorite painting? Seriously, I’m in love.

    Joy, for me, is spending the days with my boys,
    Seeing what’s on my camera after a photo shoot,
    watching my son make his own kind of beautiful art,
    living in this wonderful world of ours.

  8. Tamsie

    Being in my home, looking around and feeling the love that lingers within the walls.
    Catching a glimpse of myself in a window or mirror and thinking – cool!
    Waking up after a fantastic dream and knowing on some level it was real!

  9. Cindy Ericsson

    Joy is like a breath of sea air, cleansing away the soil of doubt or depression, ill health or ill will. Joy is realizing I can choose whether to allow another’s opinions to define me. Joy is taking a moment (or an hour) to create. Joy is remembering all the ways I am and have been loved. Joy is letting my gifts touch other people. Joy is realizing I’ve made someone’s day better (even for just a moment) because I chose to just BE with them.

  10. Lorie

    Joy for me is the everyday beauty that surrounds me- the flowers, trees, mountains, and my animals.

    the air here is already turning crisp in the morning- a sure indication that Fall is on the way. Another joy!

    Kelly your artwork is so wonderful, simple and beautiful- another thing that brings me joy!

    I also can’t wait for my book- a birthday present to me, from me!

    happy tidings from Montana…

  11. Judy Wise

    Thank you for the link to the video. I’m still drying tears. And getting excited for the release of your book. I can’t wait to see how it turned out after such a long lead time. xo

  12. Giggles

    Discovering joy is watching my 22 year old bloom into an amazing woman, also finding art later in life!! I find joy everyday in small things…for me it’s about being observant and grateful. Which I am!!
    Love your art!!

    Hugs Giggles

  13. Cocoa

    Joy is watching my children make their own discoveries.

    I really love this artwork!

  14. Marilyn Rock

    Joy is seeing my son’s face when he walks through the door. He’s 30, now, but I have never lost that feeling; it’s joyous. Joy is watching a student, of mine, while teaching, discovering a new painting technique and seeing her/his face light up. Joy is creating a piece of art that really pleases me. Joy is discovering other artists, such as yourself, who has inspired me greatly – thank you!


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