sea glass and anniversaries

Apr 10, 2007 | Life in Progress

have i mentioned my latest addiction of searching for sea glass? all of these were found today while john and i strolled along San Fran’s Baker Beach. mostly green, but a few blue, clear, and amber mixed in, too. they are stunning to me, all gathered and sparkly. it is such a relaxing pastime, the sounds of the birds and the ocean in the background, bella ahead of us chasing her sticks, and the two of us searching together, side by side for little beauties of the ocean.

today, our relationship is 8 years young. we celebrated this morning with our walk on the beach, a slow driving tour through golden gate park, morning tea & coffee, chocolate donuts, and long winded conversations while we reminisced about our beginning 8 years ago. we were just 23 and he was 24, such babies! 3 months after our first date, we left florida and moved to portland (a move that i had already been planning). i’m surprised our parents didn’t have joint heart attacks! but it was a great match, and still is. like the sea glass above, we’ve been on a adventure these past 8 years, tumbling together through the ebbs and flows of life, making us softer, more beautiful in time.

Sending much love,

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  2. Teresa Sheeley

    I think this is a wonderful love story. The beach glass is so beautiful. My son has met someone who he has now known for 3 months, and as a parent you can tell when your child has met the perfect match. It sounds like your parents felt this same way.

    You are a beautiful couple!! Happy first date anniversary!


  3. Julie H

    Congratulations Kelly! And what a beautiful, non-commercial way to spend your day. The sea glass is just gorgeous!

  4. Tori

    Congratulations on your relationship milestone.
    I spend a bit of time each most weekends on the beach searching for sea glass. It is truly a magical creation.
    I am really enjoying your blog.

  5. Claire (NZ)

    Thank you Kelly Rae for your wonderful email.

    Happy Anniversary!!

    My hubs and I have also been together for 8 years and we too had a doggie named Bella. Funny isn’t it how people from the other side of the world have such similarities.

    May you bask in the sweetness of your anniversary.

  6. myumblog

    why do you try and make me cry at work kelly! why?! my love to both you and john, I can’t believe it has been 8 years!!! just wonderful…xoxox-M

  7. Judy Wise

    Congratulations on your anniversary. Oh, to be able to walk the beach and pick up sea glass. Oakland has its compensations. Beautiful post.

  8. kelly

    morning glory…..what a great story. i will try to remember this
    when my oldest graduates from i.u. next summer and springs something crazy on me. crazy is good, crazy including a beauhunk may send me over the edge.

    i dig your zest for life….

  9. misty

    seeing this picture, your hands full of green sea glass, made me smile…just this morning Jade and I pulled out all of our beach glass and picked the greens out to put into a vase…
    your celebration sounds so sweet! Happy 8 years!!!
    so bummed you won’t be spending the day playing with me in October…we will have to make up for it.

  10. Tonia

    Happy Anniversary!

  11. daisies

    how beautiful ~ i have never seen sea glass before and it looks so much like treasure in your hands 🙂

    happy anniversary 🙂

  12. Gwen

    Hi Kelly,
    That is so beautiful, about you and your husband, and the image of the tumbled beach glass. It is wonderful thing to have a good marriage, Tom and I have been together for over 30 years, and married for almost 28. The beach glass metaphor is very apt.

    blessings on you both!


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