a secret and providence

Apr 10, 2007 | Entrepreneurship, Life in Progress

i have a secret, just a small one. well it’s not even a secret-secret, more like a half-secret as i’ve told so many sweet souls who have been willing to listen to the story. but i haven’t mentioned it here on the blog for several reasons, the largest being that i thought it was too good to be true. but the truth of it has rooted itself into the pockets of my heart and now, now i’m ready to share the news.

i was asked several weeks ago to submit a book proposal to North Light Books. after much thought, disbelief, and consideration, i did just that – i submitted an idea, a little seed of a proposal that i had become quite smitten with. of course, there were fears throughout the process. what do i have to say? is it valuable? would anyone care? in fact, i would be dishonest if i said they weren’t with me throughout the process, and still are in some ways.

when word arrived that my little seed of a proposal was actually accepted, and that i would be authoring a book for a very prolific publishing company, with a highly respected editor, you can imagine the joyful screams and random dance moves that occurred in this top floor apt (thank you, neighbors for your understanding).

so, friends, that is the half-secret. it’s big, big news for this girl who just started on this path a little over a year ago, but now i’m beginning to understand it started long, long ago.

the book will be tentatively titled Taking Flight: Projects and Inspiration that will make your Spirit Soar. I don’t want to give too much away, but I will say that it will be out Aug/Sept 2008 and it will showcase a variety of mixed media art which all relate to the “finding your wings” theme. There will be prompts, interviews, techniques, reflections, all with the hope of involving the reader in the process of their own self-discovery while guiding them towards their own meaningful creativity. oh yes, and there will be some wonderful contributing artists!

as a small gift to myself, i bought these beautiful earrings from nina on vendor nite. she didn’t know it at the time, but they resonated with me because of the book. they are exactly what the book will embody: the idea of wings, taking flight back towards yourself through being creative. that’s what this past year has been to me in many ways, journeying back to myself. thank you nina!

i am without words to describe the excitement, the meaningfulness behind all of this.

there is a quote on teesha’s website that reads:

“…the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too. All sorts of things occur that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no (human) could have dreamed would come his way.” -Goethe

yes, that’s it exactly. the gratitude that is with me always, the feeling i was trying to describe in an earlier post, i now know is providence. it’s providence. i am forever grateful.

Sending much love,

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  1. Nicole

    I know I'm commenting on a very old post but I can't help myself. For a few years I thought I wanted to be a photographer. As I pursued that idea I realized how much I missed other forms of art. I was an artist by nature as a child and somehow through my life I've strayed away. I haven't done art in so long but I've had this aching inside to do it again. I plan to take some classes in January. Last year this quote from Goethe (on your site) spoke to me when I was reading a book. On a photography workshop I read it again in another book. It felt like a confirmation I thought to the pursuit of photography. I kept feeling like I was swimming upstream in my pursuit of photography. It felt like something was missing. Now I'm reading your blog and getting inspired. I'm 29 so maybe I'm at that point where I'm realizing its time to do what I really enjoy. I've been in a corporate job for the past 7 years but I know there is an artist inside. Anyway, when I read this quote on your site just now something leaped inside of me. This is the third time I've seen it. I feel like I'm heading in the right direction…just steps but at least in the right direction.
    I love your artwork! It's so inspiring!

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  3. Heather

    What amazing news. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

  4. cheeky

    Congratulations! What an amazing honor and opportunity. Looking at all you’ve created, and the energy that flows from you I’m sure this project will be awesome. Looking forward to it’s fruition.

  5. melissa

    So, so EXCITED for you!! Can’t wait until its published.

  6. Swirly

    This is SO exciting, and I am incredibly proud to be a part of it!

  7. Gwen

    Yeah Kelly Rae!!!
    I am so glad that you are putting this out there, and so excited to see the book!
    You are my inspiration!


  8. Shari Beaubien

    Congratulations, Kelly Rae! That’s such wonderful news! I can’t wait to see your book in print. I just cherish the little notecards I bought from you at vendor night. My hugs, Shari

  9. tyn

    I have only been to your blog a few times… but I am so excited for you!!!
    That is great news!

  10. Teresa Sheeley

    Congratulations!! I bet you will have the time of your life doing this book!! What a bright blessing!!

  11. Stacey

    Huge congrats!!! That is wonderful!
    : )

  12. Sarah

    This is amazing, a truly profound accomplishment. Congratulations! I am very excited for you and look forward to reading your book!

  13. Tori

    What a super secret.

  14. ceanandjen

    This is such wonderful news!!! A huge congratulations to you; I can’t wait to see the finished product.

  15. katie

    a BIG congratulatory hug – yayay!!!!! what exciting news for you dear kelly. you are so deserving of this wonderful opportunity and i’m so happy for you. I look forward to perusing through my copy of your book next year 🙂

  16. Tracie Lyn Huskamp



    I know the book will be a HUGE Success… it was GREAT to meet you at Artfest!

  17. BlueJude

    Congrats….too exciting!! Love the earings too!

  18. Ro Bruhn

    Wow Kelly Fabulous news, CONGRATULATIONS, can’t what to see it in the book stores.

  19. Jes

    HOW WONDERFUL!!!! It’s all sovery exciting, I know you will create a beautiful pieces of art in your book!!!!



  20. Holly Stinnett

    I am so happy for you… I can feel your excitement through your words and know you must be floating on air! Can’t wait for next fall!!

  21. fromthepines

    That is awesome! I am sitting here slackjawed at my computer cause I just read your whole blog a last week and now you have a book deal?!!! It is so true that what you put out into the world comes back to you. This is so exciting!


  22. tali

    Congratulations! That is awesome! I can’t wait for it to come out! Yay!!!!!

  23. daisies

    congratulations : ) this is wonderful news!

  24. nina

    awwww, honey. i’m so glad those earrings are good talismans for you – you are a gorgeous model for them! wishing you a wonderful book journey, i’m proud of you. love, nina

  25. deirdre

    Oh, Congratulations!!!! This is so exciting, so huge.

  26. daffa

    this is news of the most fantastic kind. congratulations… you deserve it!!!

    i look forward to seeing the finished product!!!

  27. Jamie

    I just found your site two days ago through an entry about ArtFest. I have been back so many times since to look at your stunning work. Get ready Kelly Rae. The world will welcome your art with open arms.

    ps-I would love to link your blog to mine if that’s ok:)

  28. Jonna Barnett

    OH MY !!!! What exciting news. Congrat’s to you. What a wonderful journey you are on.

  29. Claire (NZ)


    You are so clever and talented. I can’t wait to see your book – I just know it will be truly inspiring. Well done you!!

  30. literary bohemian

    Hip Hip -Hooray!!! This is so exciting! It makes me want to dance and scream too! This is just so great! I can’t wait to see it!

  31. Laini Taylor

    Yay yay yay Kellyrae!!! You’re a superstar and I can’t WAIT to see your projects and artwork for the book!!!!!!

  32. krista


    This is so exciting. I can’t wait to read it!


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