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Jun 26, 2007 | Life in Progress

it’s been hot. we have several of these not-so-pretty box fans all over the apartment. i’ve been doing a lot of writing these last couple of days, and some hours spent in the studio, all with these fans nearby. it’s not all bad. in fact, i quite enjoy a good heat spell.

the warmth of the last few days here in california have me wrapped in memories of growing up in the heat of florida where the humidity is so dense, it clogs your throat and feels like an actual thing, a force, that invades your space. it’s inescapable.

in other news, i had the best girls nite out since moving here with these lovely ladies. my acquaintances are beginning to feel more like friendships, something that always make my heart lift with joy. i love conversation, cocktails, and pure silly fun with girlfriends. in our silliness, we asked a total stranger what he thought we did for a living. after some thought, he guessed i was “an agitator”, which by the way, is an actual word and it means “troublemaker, rabble-rouser, agent provocateur, demagogue, incendiary; revolutionary, firebrand, rebel, insurgent, subversive; informal disturber.”

rabble-rouser! who knew? when i told john the next day, he sweetly said “oh, man, that’s classic kelly rae!”

i took a break today from daydreaming/emailing/writing/studio-ing and updated my blog sidebar with books/music/upcoming events. i heart blog sidebars.

Sending much love,

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  1. Swirly

    I love those braids. 🙂

  2. Cindy In Carolina

    So how hot is it in CA. Having lived in FL you can appreciate how hot and humid it is now here in the South. I hope your birthday was a happy one! We have a couple of box fans also!

  3. Kim Carney

    got lots-o-box-fans around my house. Miss you.

  4. mati rose

    love the braids my friend!
    you are too cute. absolute bummer about you guys missing the show, but private screenings are available and a potential closing party for friends:)

  5. cheeky

    I love your braids.
    Happy “belated” Birthday. I missed out on all the fun, and oh the contest! Too bad. (taco day especially!)
    Your studio and you environment there at your place is lovely.

  6. Sacred Suzie

    Very cute pic, of you and your room and your world.

  7. Amelia

    I really like this picture.

    Also your room decor is so sweet!


  8. Steph

    It is a sweet, sweet thing when you find friends in a new place. I’ve recently been there myself and I can relate and value what you’ve found!

  9. 'lizbeth

    Hi Kelly…these were my first posts and I didn’t realize I’d sent them twice…sorry!

  10. 'lizbeth

    Hi Kelly Rae aka, The Agitator)…so happy to have found your site…enjoying your stories and art and photos very much. My own blog is new and I hope to update soon. Just got a dig cam, so am excited about that.

    Stay cool..put the box fan on full blast!

    May love, laughter and smiles abound in your life.

  11. 'lizbeth

    Hi there Kelly Rae! I’m new to your site and enjoying it immensely. I’m headed tomorrow to Mississippi from Arizona for a vacation with in-laws, so the change in heat will be a challenge! It’s air conditioning for me (no box fans), I have to admit! Look forard to rading your blog…mine is JUST started, but I hope to add. Your artistry and word are inspiring.

    Gotta go pack!!

    May fun and laughter abound in your life.

  12. Amanda

    looks like so much fun!!

  13. Cre8Tiva

    kelly i am coming to you from that dense humidity as i move from georgia to florida this week…here’s hoping that i find a sisterhood like yours…blessings, rebecca

    ps…like the new sidebar stuff

  14. deirdre

    Box fans are my best friends on hot days. At least we don’t have humidity – even the thought of that makes me woozy.

    I’m so glad you’re starting to feel more at home. I’m really quite impressed with how well you’ve made such a big transistion. And you make being an agitator sound kind of fun. I’ll have to pick out my favorite word from the definition and see how it fits. I could use a dose of something new.

  15. Jes

    fun times! CHEERS!


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