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Jun 19, 2007 | Life in Progress

my environment is feeling quite cozy lately. i love all the sunlight this apt gets. and i especially cherish my space where i create. it’s chaotic, calming, messy, and healing all at once. notice the A.R.T. letters high above the window. they were a gift from the extraordinary laini who painted them. oh, what a treat it was to open that box so many months ago.

i used to rearrange our furniture all of the time. though i absolutely loved playing with decor and arrangements, it would drive john nuts when he came home and i had changed everything around for the umpteenth time. since discovering art, my furniture rearranging has drastically decreased, but i had the urge yesterday to redo the living room. so, here it is all rearranged with a different rug (thank you, alexandra!), and some simple changes, like an old throw quilt (thanks, mom) on the couch. i wake up in the mornings and stumble out of our dark bedroom into this room, so full of light with it’s yellow walls and cheerful colors.

other ‘environment-themed’ self portraits here.

“begin today”
in my etsy boutique

inspired by my thoughts about self care yesterday, i choose to begin today. bikram yoga, reading Foolsgold (so good, thanks to teesha’s blog for the recommendation), a bike ride, some creating, resting, business calls, candles, music, a phone date, and some journaling, too. ahhh, the balance of days like today!

the smallness of beginning, of making one tiny change in the right direction, is huge to me. huge.

what would you like to begin today?

Sending much love,

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  1. Steph

    Thank you for sharing! I love how you’re using the quilts. Serene, yet fun at the same time – a combo that is hard to make!

  2. Schmoops

    wow! I just want to curl up in your space and watch you paint. I love that I own something that came from that yummy, blissful space. xoxo

  3. --erica

    I love your space! wow..

  4. Colorsonmymind

    I loove your studio!

    and I will be getting the book.

  5. q

    wow, i love your space! πŸ™‚

  6. Alexandra S

    WE need to have a phone date! Your living room looks fantastic and I am so glad you are enjoying the rug so m uch-it looks great with your stuff. Anthropologie has some really neat mini rugs in now, esp this one sort of Turkish looking one. And I am reading Foolsgold right now. Her last book is one of my favorites of all time. Heading to the bookstore now to get my order of Laini’s books! Wish you were going to be here Thursday night as I am having a mini party to celebrate its release!

  7. Miriam

    I love studio spaces! They are almost as beautiful as the art that comes forth!

  8. liz elayne

    love this photo of you. i just love it. and this new piece. ahh my friend…how you always know what i am thinking about.

    the word “begin” is sitting in a bag here in my room just waiting for me to paint it and hang it up. not kidding.

    i wish we could spend the day just drinking tea and chatting…

  9. Lina

    I would like to start saying no when i mean no…instead of yes when i mean no! And get some more paintings done, start my own Etsy shop and work towards the goal of living near the ocean in a sweet little cottage….someday…

  10. deirdre

    I have studio envy! My little space is a tiny corner of the guest room.

    I used to rearrange all the time too, until the furniture got too heavy and my back started complaining. Now I just wish for a crew to come in at my whim and move everything until I find the perfect arrangement. It’s like getting a whole new house without packing.

    Your home looks so sunny and inviting. Happy.

    I’m going to play with paint today. Perfectionism is holding me back and I’m getting irritated with that beast.

  11. Sharon

    I love this new piece and rally like seeing it started on your work desk. You have a great apartment and studio. I have enjoyed touring your blog and links this morning.

  12. kelly

    hey…how is it your painting space is so neat? how do you do all that layering without a big mess surrounding you? you are my idol.

    what a cute space. i have my biz letters on my window, like you art letters. sweet stuff.

    i need to start painting again, get my name out to a bigger audience and look for galleries!

  13. Cre8Tiva

    i would love to start …a new painting …an etsy shop …a gallery for my art …an antique booth to sell my overflowing stores …an exercise program …blessings, rebecca

  14. Georgia

    I am DROOLING over your studio!!! I am looking forward to having one for myself someday.


  15. Amelia

    Your studio ROCKS!!!! Love the A R T letters!



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