feeling like i’m 10 years old and self care

Jun 18, 2007 | Life in Progress

it’s been exactly 13 years since i bought a bike. and let me tell you, it was love at first site with this beauty. green. fenders. baskets. a horn. generator lights. green. low bar to accommodate all the skirt wearing commutes. green. hell, it even has a kickstand. seriously, i feel like i’m 10 years old and i just got a rad bike for christmas. i’m practically without a car these days (john uses it most days to travel long distance to/from clinical sites) so this is the perfect commuter bike for me. love it.

i feel like i’m having a string of unbelievably happy and easy days. days where i’m just going along with the flow of goodness. no guilt about sleeping in, or staying up too late, or not getting things done. just easy. it’s so rare, that i’m letting it seep in and teach me something.

my dear friend kelly took me to zuni cafe last nite in the city. apparently, it’s world famous with its own cookbook and wouldn’t you know that THE tracy chapman was sitting at the table next to us! it was an evening to remember with cocktails, girly fun, delicious food, and conversation about life and self care. self care. i could do a better job at it. kelly inspired me to ask myself, “what’s missing from my daily life that gives my spirit nourishment?” besides artmaking, my husband, good nutrition, and exercise, what do i need more of in my everyday life to feel more taken care of in a self enriching way? so, i did what i always do: i wrote a list of my answers. it included reading (oh how i’ve missed books lately!), stretching, more music, writing in my journal, more candles, and calling a friend or family member. every single day i want to do all of those things. what struck me most about my answers? their simplicity. really, it’s about being intentional. the minute i’m not deliberate with my time, i find myself on the computer far too long, or watching tv without even caring about what’s on, or saying ‘yes’ to something that isn’t right for me. then, the day is over, and the days turn into weeks, into months, and before i know it my self and spirit are left feeling a little depleted. so, yes, i’m embracing the simplicity of being more intentional and conscious with my time. i can easily fit reading, journaling, phone dates, stretching, and more music and candles into my daily life. seems down right easy (and silly and basic) when i sit here and write about it. i suppose sometimes we need to get back to the basics, right?

more art to come soon….

Sending much love,

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  1. andrea

    oooohhhhh! I love your bike. lovelovelove it. that color of green= so good. and I really love this post. I find myself making lists of these same sorts of things. so simple and it really is about intention. so good to be reminded, miss kelly rae. well put. xo

  2. Steph

    GREAT bike! I’m a bike commuter and bike lover myself. Just got back from a bike vacation (photos on my blog if you care to look). There is something incredibly freeing about seeing the world at bike pace vs. car pace. Freeing from the expensive gas-dependence. Freeing from the mainstream….and on and on I could go but won’t. Good for you and a great color, too!

  3. Boho Girl

    LOVE this bike treasure…


  4. Colorsonmymind

    Oh you look so lovely-and that bike is fantastic.

  5. deirdre

    What a great bike! Every time I see one of these bikes it makes me want to get one and cruise through the neighborhood at dusk, just like when I was a kid and the evening breeze was perfect.

    This post made me happy. You are probably one of the most positive people I know; I’m inspired.

  6. Amanda

    this is a great post. and i think we can all stand to make a list of ways we can nuture ourselves more and actually DO them! you look so young and happy on your bike! have fun:)

  7. daisies

    i totally love your bike 🙂 that green is beautiful!! self care is the best gift we give ourselves and everyone around us 🙂

  8. cheeky

    What a wake up call for me. Thanks. Intentional spoke to me. It is far too easy to become complacent and as you said time has passed and you are left depleted.
    Tracy Chapman. I LOVE her music, love it! How fun.
    The bike is nifty. I own an old 5 speed, red Schwinn beach cruiser. I can’t wait to get back on that. It definitely promotes youth.

  9. Alexandra S

    I loved your last shoes post! It reminded me of my beloved Buster Browns in navy that I would get every year when I was little. I am sending you a long email later today but just want to say I so relate to this post. I have often been pretty good at indulging but not as good at indulging without worrying that I am indulging! And Tracy Chapman, wow! It made me want to hear her wonderful music again except I have no clue where her cds are anymore!

  10. liz elayne

    love the bike! your words! all of it…

    it is so good to do these self check-ins like this. so very good. and your list is beautiful.

    i am giving you a huge hug of thankfulness right now. hope you feel it…

  11. melanie

    what a sweet bike, kelly rae! and what wonderful thoughts on time and how we choose to make use of it. being more intentional, deliberate, aware. absolutely. in fact, i am going to get off this box right now and go outside to enjoy the sunshine, the grass, the birds. 🙂

  12. nina

    NOT SILLY!!!! not silly, not silly. the shoes, yes. the shoes could be silly. but these desires for your life are not in the least bit silly, and i commend you for sitting down and accessing the situation. i light candles for myself every single night, and read a snippet at some point every day, no matter how short the bit is. books are a major part of my life. connections with friends, absolutely. a life thread. all of these things are important, and you are placing them right up there with exercise, nutrition, and sanity. i get so very much out of reading your posts, kelly rae – and boy, do i love green! that bike is beautiful! (make sure you wear that helmet….) xo

  13. Lelainia N. Lloyd

    I hear you about the self care. I am all about that right now. Must be something in the air!

    TRACY CHAPMAN?!?!? I love her! I have loved her music before she really hit it big and she gives the BEST concert. My husband went with me to one without really knowing anything about her and he was hugely impressed at her musicality and her amazing voice. What I love about her is her poet’s soul and how incredibly humble she is. She is also funny in a classically understated way.

    Anyway, lucky you about the bike-it’s lovely!

  14. kelly

    i dig your bike. i just looked at a pink schwinn [vintage style] witha basket. i really really want a basket. keep it up – you are doing fabulous!

  15. Cre8Tiva

    taking care of your soul is the best thing ever…you can see it on your face…i would love to have my old silver and purple huffy back (fat tires and all)…except i discovered that i am afraid to ride a bike now…one of those silly life things…maybe i am out of balance?!?!…keep on feeding your soul…blessings, rebecca


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