shoes, metaphorically and not

Jun 15, 2007 | My Creative Practice, Wear Your Joyβ„’

i know i’ve mentioned this before but i think it would be really fascinating to have a photo essay, or display of some sort (a shoe journal?), of all the shoes a person has worn in their lives, from baby shoes on up. metaphorically, i think it’s cool, and non metaphorically, i think it’s cool. the representation of shoes being our journey, the very things that actually carry us along on our path, and not to mention the different styles one goes through, seems so interesting to me lately (i have no idea why). our shoes. they say a lot. and i’m stickin to that theory however trivial it seems.

with all of that said, i’ve never been a huge shoe fanatic, but since discovering the yellow shoes i’ve broadened my horizon to blue, turquoise, and even green. who knew? it’s my birthday month and to celebrate i bought these little darlings on a birthday splurge (something i rarely do). i’ve never bought 3 pairs of shoes all at once, and i gotta say, it was pure shopping fun, and it was liberating in a way. i had no guilt about buying these beauties, and that was a gift itself! about one hour after the shoes arrived at my doorstep, i received a call. a good news call that had me calling my mom afterwards and screaming with delight. i’ll share the news soon, but these shoes will be journeying with me on some pretty exciting roads.

Sending much love,

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  1. thethinker

    Great shoes! I love flats.

  2. Steph

    What cool liners all three pairs have, too! They’re great! And happy birthday month!

  3. mati rose

    i want them ALL! are you gonna tell me when your birthday is, or what?!

  4. ceanandjen

    those shoes on that website!!!

    I can’t wait to hear about your news…congratulations in advance, as I am sure it is wonderful!!!!

  5. Amanda

    love the shoes! that site is super cute:)
    so happy for your great news!

  6. Cre8Tiva

    i love shoes…used to have many, delightful pairs…now i can only wear birkinstocks…but i still love to look…blessings, rebecca

  7. kelly

    green ones for sure. don’t you have a pair of yellows similar to those. where did you find this shop. i love them. you always have the best stuff. and seriously…cheeky is right on – oh the suspense. i can’t wait for the news. go get em’ girlie.

  8. Cayden

    Ilove this idea of a shoe journal. Oh the stories to tell. So fun!

  9. deirdre

    Now I’m so excited for you and I don’t even know why. Can’t wait to find out. And cute shoes too! Not a bad life, girlie. πŸ˜‰

  10. Gwen

    I can’t wait to hear about your good, good news! When we open ourselves up to receive, the universe is happy to oblige! You have seemed very open lately, too!

    hooray for you!

  11. cheeky

    Oh the suspense . . .
    Love the green ones!

  12. liz elayne

    while the husband is away…the wife will…

    order two pairs of shoes!

    yup. just went and did that. will report back when they get here!

    so excited for you my dear friend…


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