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Nov 6, 2007 | Life in Progress

i wear a lot of green. and brown. and earthy tones. i also wear cardigans and layers and skirts and boots. and lately, well, lately, i’m wearing my heart on my sleeve, sensitive to just about anyone and anything that crosses my path. i am that girl, who you see at the grocery store, with puffy red eyes and sallow skin. the one who clearly needs to take a break, to indulge in self care and perhaps have a really satisfying cry (instead of tearing up at every small and abrupt thing that comes her way). yes, that is me. what is also still me is the serene feeling of knowing that i expressed in an earlier post. i still feel that, but i can’t seem to let the harshness toward myself go. i am sensitive about that, likely most of all.

lucky for me, i am going to nyc on thursday to visit with my girlfriends. a group of women, who having known me for well over 15 years, will let me be me, sensitive and thankful and tearful and joyous all at once. i can seriously hardly wait.

more self portraits here.

Sending much love,

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  1. Laura B.

    Ah – you are woman! I don’t know very many women out there who don’t feel your space with you. Stay encouraged however, as I believe that this is our power – that we do wear our “hearts on our sleeves” and that it is okay to be the woman with puffy, red, and teary eyes at the grocery store.

    This is my first visit to your blog – thanks to Donna Downey – and I am very happy to have found you. Your art is gorgeous!
    Peace to you and may your strength be renewed as you enjoy the friendship of women [in NYC – yeah baby! ;0) ]

  2. Kel (away from Kel's Space and looking at yours!)

    Take care of yourself, your weekend with friends sounds like just the thing. I loved your post on messages from the universe a few days ago. I think it is so important to listen to them. It seems they are always there when we need them.

  3. Kim Carney

    big hugs from Seattle. take one big breath and dont take too much too seriously 😉 your trip sounds wonderful!

  4. cheeky

    I like the twirl of your hair in this shot.
    What is it about earthy colours? I find myself always drawn to them. They seem to just be *me*.
    I’m also a heart-on-my-sleeve kinda girl. I believe it’s much better to let it flow than hold it back.
    Have a fabulous time in NYC with your friends. I’m sure the time spent will do you well.

  5. betty

    I think we share the same slapdash style and sensitive souls.

  6. Rebecca

    lovely sp!

  7. daisies

    i can relate to the heart on your sleeve, i hope you have a wonderful beautiful time with your friends and find a way to be gentle with yourself .. xox

  8. Renee

    OMG you are such a darling artist – so sweet, so talented and so honest . . . have a wonderful time in NYC being your adorable self! If you have time for a little laugh visit my blog to see my silly attempt making art following the steps from your wonderful Cloth Paper Scissors article! xoxx, Renée

  9. Sharon

    Beautiful SPC. Being so much older than you, I know the “heart on sleeve” well. You have it figured out and it will pass with rest and a new day. Enjoy your trip. Now I’m going to bounce over and see who all the great friends are that can meet you in nyc. I’m wearing green….


    have a wonderful trip to nyc….I hope it will be thrilling and rejuvenating and just a whole lot of FUN !!!!

  11. ceanandjen

    Enjoy and revel in this much break in nyc (hurrah) with your girlfriends. I hope that you are able to relax, unwind, release and have a simply wonderful time.

    Safe travels. xoxo

  12. Kirsten Michelle

    you have a very, very beautiful heart 😉
    be gentle and take care of yourself.

  13. liz elayne

    oh my dear friend, i am sending you a huge hug…and i hope that you will take a bit of time to settle in for a bubble bath or nap or maybe indulge in a pedicure or something else just for you.

    sending you peace and light dear one.

    (and i love, love that sweater!)


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