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Nov 1, 2011 | Life in Progress

embrace change - affirmation 72dpi

So, remember when I told you that I signed up for Rachael Taylor’s upcoming ecourse on how to create repeat patterns? It’s been a dream of mine to learn how to create patterns that could possibly be turned into fabric designs and more, so I’m seriously looking forward to this course.

After hearing my excitement in that initial blog post I wrote, Rachael so kindly reached out and asked if she could use a couple of my paintings as examples in the upcoming ecourse on how to take an element out of a painting and drop it into a pattern concept. Above is the very quick result of extracting my butterfly image and creating a quick and dirty pattern concept – the first stages of creating a repeat pattern. HOLY SMOKES.
Is your heading spinning yet with possibility for your own paintings? When I saw these, I gasped! I can take elements out of my original paintings and create patterns? Oh my goodness, the possibilities…I have not been this inspired, creatively, in a long time.
And friends, what you see here is just the very basic, beginning stages of pattern building (not formal repeat patterns) that Rachael sent over to me to demonstrate what is even possible.  What you see is only step one. She will be going into more detail, building up these examples (and more) with more elements + dimension, demonstrating how to take it further with formal repeat patterns, and so much more in her upcoming ecourse. I was sold before, but after seeing these simple examples, I’m really sold.
I asked if I could share these with you all as I know many of you are interested in taking your paintings and creating patterns yourself. If so, consider taking Rachael’s course and I’ll see you in class! And no, I am not getting paid to gush about her ecourse. Quite simply, I like to share good finds with my friends. And this, my friends, is a good find. Class starts in less than two weeks!

Sending much love,

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