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Jun 10, 2007 | Life in Progress

summer is definitely here. i am enjoying all the skirt wearing, flip-flop flopping, and sunshine. my skin doesn’t like all the sunshine, however, so i’m doing my best to wear sunscreen daily (can i just say freckles and brown spots – wah?). we didn’t get the apartment we were dreaming about. and the odd thing is that we’re totally ok with it. i was expecting some disappointment but it only lasted a few minutes. in the end, it has us feeling a bit brighter about our current place, its purpose to us for the time being, and so i thought i’d share some of my favorite delights here in our little apartment.

here’s my inspiration wall and where i keep recently painted works. that’s an old pie safe door holding all my trinkets + photographs of inspiration.

this is a beautifully weathered box my sister gave me years ago. i love how the red ribbon has aged so wonderfully. on top is a favorite early photo of us, and inside are more photos, jewelry, and tokens of the past – an old receipt possibly, maybe a few hand written notes to myself.

i love old rusty things. these are several old keyholes i found in portland at the home rebuilding center (a favorite spot). they were less than $1 each and i just love them hanging here. there is something about the worn and ragged that holds such beauty to me.

i collect old bottles and old mirrors. here is tiny photo of my mom when she was a litte girl inside of a tiny old bottle. isn’t she so cute in her winter hat? and this is a favorite little mirror i believe my mom and i found on one of our junking days.

my little vanity + stool i found at a garage sale for $25. all it needed was some white paint. we buy fresh flowers almost every weekend. this bunch came from the farmer’s market this morning. i love, love fresh flowers. who doesn’t? that’s an old apple ladder in the backgroud holding precious quilts john’s grandma quilted long, long ago. and the piece above it is one of my sister’s magical creations.

another studio inspiration spot. those are plantation shutters that have been hinged together to create a divider of sorts. it also holds cards, trades, color inspirations, ribbon, and whatnot. i heart inspiration.

this is where i’m keeping all of my seaglass – in an old bottle, hanging from an antique knob of some kind my mom found (of course) and sent as a gift.

one of my absolute favorite things. how sweet is this rocking rusty dog? i have it next to all of my old rusty tins. i believe i found this at monticello, a favorite portland antique mall.

this huge glass bottle used to be full to the brim with buttons, but most of them have been given away to button loving family and freinds. now it hold buttons still, but also old christmas ornaments. dj did the piece/sketch of me in the background as a gift last fall. so sweet. i love it.

true to our roots. an old oregonian newspaper mailbox turned vase in our californian apartment.


i do believe i have the widest and pudgiest cheeks alive. but they are happy cheeks. this is a favorite white wicker chair where we sit often and look out the big window overlooking the street and park below.

so there you have it. a peek into our little life here in this little apartment. with all the chaos outside the doors, i do admit it’s nice to come home to this place.

Sending much love,

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  1. deirdre

    What a happy, cozy home you have. Your decorating eye is just perfect.

  2. mueja

    nice house!

  3. Katie

    Kelly, your apartment is charming! I, too, love worn and ragged things; somehow they are lovely. Thanks for inviting us all in. 🙂

  4. Julie H

    Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!
    Thank you for sharing your precious inner sanctum with us.

  5. Amanda

    what a wonderful space! it’s like the entire apartment is inspiring… i love your sister’s work too! i will visit the amazing spots you have linked when i make it oregon!
    thanks for sharing.

  6. Cindy In Carolina

    Thanks for sharing !!

    Your sister’s art is wonderful too!

    BEware of the sun, if not, when you get my age you will wish that you had.

  7. carole

    talk about INSPIRING!! I will be thinking of that rusty dog all day but has that green book been turned into a picture frame? wow,very cool.I want!
    congrats on making the etsy front page today 🙂

  8. Estercity

    Beautiful things and beautiful photos.

  9. Boho Girl

    everything is so beautiful…love it!

  10. azirca

    Ah! now I understand why you create such beautiful art, you are surrounded by gorgeous trinkets that hold special meaning for you. Thanks for sharing your lovely home with us 🙂

  11. ruby

    i love your happy cheeks! and i thought you’d like to know that your prints also hang on MY inspiration wall at home; you are so talented, kelly!

  12. claire nz

    Thanks for such a great glimpse into your life of creativity – it was just like visiting and being shown around. Thanks!!!

  13. katie

    i loved the tour of your beautiful spaces and thank you for sharing some of your favorite antique places too, i look forward to going to both on my next portland visit!

  14. Judy Wise

    Thanks for having us all over; your place is lovely and also inspiring. I got several good ideas there (now if I can just put them to work!).

  15. Lina

    Looks so pretty and serene! Love the rusty tins and keyholes..

  16. Lelainia N. Lloyd

    Kelly that rusty dog is to die for! I love folk art-it’s my fav! And I love the keyholes-those are gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing your space-I am always curious about people’s workspaces.


  17. Megan Pickwell

    What a wonderful sanctuary you have created – thankyou for sharing

  18. stef

    so cute…wish i had the artistic, decorating craft!


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