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Jun 6, 2007 | Life in Progress

on the walls of my favorite portland boutique (and where i bought my wedding dress), are big steel letters that spell out the phrase “wear more dresses.” i couldn’t say it better. somewhere along the line, i fell in love with skirts. even in rainy portland i wore skirts all the time, with boots, with tights, over jeans. but lately, here in california where the weather practically begs me to wear skirts, i’ve been wearing far too many jeans.

this past week, however, i’ve been feeling the whisper to get my girly skirts out of the closet and into the sunshine. and wouldn’t you know that i just happened into anthropologie (the equivalent of my soulmate/store) today where they are having the most spectacular sale on..you guessed it…skirts!!! i think i twirled in 15 different skirts in the dressing room before deciding on these three. my skirt loving spirit is back.

and wouldn’t you know that the universe brought us a very optimistic apartment possibilities this week! we weren’t even looking for a new place but now here we are, hoping, hoping, hoping for this possibility to work out. it would be a dream.

it’s been a good, good day. new skirts, a massage, some window browsing, tea in hand. and little bit of work, too. speaking of work, this recently sold original is now available in a print.

Sending much love,

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  1. Frida

    Love them! It’s hard to wear skirts in Afghanistan unless you wear trousers underneath, so I got my skirts and sundresses on the moment I arrived in Bangkok yesterday. I feel so summery, girly and pretty!

    I especially love the yellow floral print with your fabulous yellow shoes.

  2. lisa s

    Love that your found such wonderful skirts! My skirt wearin’, cute earing stylin’, beautifully spirit-movin’ art makin’ firend! You wear those skirts with lightness in your soul girl!
    Heart, Lisa S

  3. Tricia Scott

    love the skirts!!! and the shoes in the second photo.
    wish we had an anthropologie here!

  4. ceanandjen

    Such fabulousness. I especially love the first one!

    You are sounding lighter and happier this week…hurrah for that.

    Take good care.xoxo

  5. Steph

    I am with you on the skirts! I love them, too – and I get so frustrated when I don’t wear them!

  6. Marel Lecone

    I love the new prints also–I’m all about “trust” and “believe”-ing. And, I hope the apartment works out.

  7. Toni


    If I could I would wear a skirt everyday, but it’s near winter here with rain, frost and fog most days, way too cold to even think about a skirt. I so envy you with your sunshine….

    Big hugs,
    Love Toni


    P.S. Quiet Lurker for a while now

  8. melissa

    Love the skirts…they really are just so girly! Good luck with the apartment.

  9. Carol Schott

    I think those are my feet!
    Love, Mommie

  10. liz elayne

    these skirts are wonderful my friend! love them. and love your yellow shoes. perfect!

    so good to catch up with you last night…made me so happy.

  11. Cre8Tiva

    I am sending trust into the universe that you get the apartment… I know, too well, what the perfect home means….Blessings, Rebecca

  12. kelly

    i am drooling. i have been on that site before. and your wedding dress was adorable!

    i am going to order a dress from there next time i need one. hell
    why spend $150 here for a boring old dress. oh i can’t wait!

  13. Tori

    Skirts just feel so lovely to wear.
    All of yours in the photos look beautiful…and of course, those shoes!!!
    Good luck with the apartment!


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