trust and belief

Jun 4, 2007 | Life in Progress

10″ x 20″ on canvas
available in the shop

“Faith is the assent of the mind and a consent of the heart, consisting mainly of belief and trust” – E.T. Hiscox
so true. i forget sometimes that my mind and my heart actually do work together. they aren’t opposing forces, but really compasses leading the way.


10″ x 20″ on canvas
available in the shop

Sending much love,

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  1. Maria

    My prints landed in the UK today and they are beautiful.

    I will be visiting your Etsy shop again very soon.

    Just found your blog and my nine year old artist in training adores you.

    Happy Tuesday xxx

  2. Ro Bruhn

    Fabulous pieces Kelly, I love the additional detail you’re getting into your backgrounds and clothing fabrics,. Your messages they convey are very poignant

  3. tashina knight

    Very lovely expressions. Looks like you are creating a haven of peace in your art to in response to your surroundings. Even negative experiences can turn into positives in your art.

  4. Sharon

    There is harmony in both of these pieces as all your collage and paint elements melt together into beauty.

  5. nina

    your work is getting stronger, i believe (not that it wasn’t strong before) but you seem to be really fortifying yourself with these peaceful works. the faces seem – i don’t know, i’m no expert – more at peace? knowing? accepting? maybe it is just that i am knowing YOU more…and following your journey along with you. i love that you can take hard times in your life and work them into your art – i always seem to curl up into a ball of insecurity and confusion when i get scared, sad, hurt. you are strong and very much on your path…xx

  6. kelly

    kellyrae – these are beautiful. but then they always are. i needed to see these today. there is
    young lad here whose is fighting
    cancer, now he is simply trying to
    pass peacefully. and i is tearing me apart as a mom. but you simple
    paintings with the strong message -made me smile. you seem to do that everyday. so thanks.

    happy monday chickie

  7. Tatterededge

    That should say “Judy”, not “Jusy”. Oops!

  8. Tatterededge

    I love the spirit these convey. Jusy has it right-luminosity!

  9. jessica

    Just a small question, are the letters painted on, or applied? I can’t tell from here…

  10. Judy Wise

    Kelly Rae, you are one resilient, toward the light leaning woman. Good for you. (sending love and light your way)


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