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Jun 3, 2007 | Life in Progress

i think getting the contents of your heart out into the world is good. it’s healing. and it’s honest. i was chatting with clare on the phone the other day and we were talking about how putting yourself out there in the world, whether with your words, your art, or your life, can be unsettling at times. it’s exposing and revealing and honest and vulnerable all at once. and when you happen to be in a time of struggle, all of those things are amplified and can feel uneasy. this has been a bit of a struggle for me personally. when things are good with me i have no problem standing on the mountain top, in full view of the world to see, to judge, to pass on by. but when i’m down, when i’m overwhelmed, it’s a bit daunting really, to continue to be open, to share myself.

this past week has been hard, but i’ve moved past it. with art to help heal. with conversations with a couple of close friends. with quiet. with rest. with john. the truth is is that we all have up and down weeks. sometimes i don’t give myself permission to feel down. resisting it, i often feel guilty, which is a world of unrelenting and unforgiving revolving doors.

today, i spent the entire day in the studio, listening to music (can’t get enough of iron & wine lately), eating cookies, and being in the that blissful place of creating. john and i had a great conversation this morning. i love good conversations that set the mood for the entire day and sometimes all week. i live for these conversations.

the persistent cold/sinus infection is finally starting to clear thanks to chinese herbs and acupuncture. i’ve continued on my acupuncture journey and i’m happily surprised and relieved that it’s actually working. the migraines are gone. my lactose intolerance is completely gone (by simply taking probiotics to replenish good bacteria in my system that was apparently wiped out by antibiotics a long time ago). and most importantly, with the help of a chiropractor, my acupuncturist has finally gotten to the bottom of a pesky and mysterious leg injury. so, i’m on the mend and should hopefully start running again in the next month or so. i consider these small miracles in my life, and i just would have never guessed it would be chinese medicine that would have been the key. who knew? i’m counting it as big fat oakland based blessing!

other oakland blessings:
our friends kelly and erik. i love those kids.
the weather.
that i can walk to the post office, Peets Tea, work, gym, farmer’s market, and to the Bart
that they are building a Whole Foods one block away
easy access to san francisco

oh yes, before i forget, please check out Alena Hennessy’s new book Alter This!: Radical Ideas for Transforming Books Into Art. I have 3 different art projects featured in 3 different chapters in this great book geared towards teaching kids about altered art. so if you’re a momma, and your little ones are into art, check it out!

also, i’ve listed several new prints on my etsy, including these:

all is well. more soon.

Sending much love,

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  1. mccabe

    acupuncture in conjunction with chinese herbs is a GODSEND. i have been struggling with my health and these things saved me. antibiotics will do a number on your body, big time.

    i am soooo glad you are finding relief in them as well!

    btw i LOVE your site/words/art/photos.

    i am totally enchanted by you….


  2. Fran

    new to your site-your work is lovely and your words honest-thank you for saying what i was thinking today.. your neighbor hood sounds amazing!.

  3. Waiting for Occupation

    you make me want to go out and get “iron & wine” to listen to and eat cookies~! I’m going to check out the book too…kelly=inspiration.xoxo-maya

  4. jessica

    we all experience it, at least us women…getting bogged down by inner demons or by life’s smacks in the face. sometimes i feel like i just don’t have the energy to face something, but then a simple talk with a good friend over coffee helps. it’s the connection and support (and the caffeine).
    have you tried bikram yoga? I have horrid problems with my back,hips and right leg,the knee being the worst, from running. i was only able to do bikram for a month before I came to europe, but it really, really helped.

  5. Alex aka Gypsy Girl

    Don;t forget to try a nasal wash with sea salt and warm water. It really helps me when my sinus give me grief. Glad you’re feeling better and nourishing yourself!

  6. katie

    i’m so happy to hear your spirits are rising kelly ;-0

    artmaking, cookies, and listening to iron and wine – now what could be better!!

    xo katie

  7. Cre8Tiva

    acupuncture is a great help to me with my back pain… i am having great upheavals at the moment also… and i know that behind them is something wonderful just waiting to appear… now if i cold only be patient… blessings, rebecca

  8. kelly

    i always love your outlook. i would love to look into acupuncture! i have headaches all the time. gotten worse as i get over. i am never sure if it is my eyes straining, pms or allergies!

    happy sunday girlie and thanks for the kind message


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