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Jul 2, 2010 | Life in Progress

i saw this sign the other day on the side of a building in portland (the home rebuilding center) and i couldn’t help but think of all my fellow ecourse flyers. our journey has come to an end this week – the ecourse is over. i have been significantly changed by this little ol ecourse and the community of people who were a part of it with me.
when i sat down to write the last post – the celebration/farewell post, i got so weepy. i thought of all the ways this experience has challenged me to expand my own horizons and my own possibilities. i thought about how it’s been five weeks of one of the biggest adventures and accomplishments of my entire creative biz life. and that’s says a lot as my creative biz life has been nothing short of a-m-a-z-i-n-g and a lot of hard work. the ecourse content alone quadrupled the word count of my book. holy smokes! i’m so proud. and honored. and a little bit tired πŸ™‚

i’d like to share a little bit of what i wrote in the last post, a tribute to my fellow flyers. if it weren’t for them, this ecourse wouldn’t have been what it was.

When I finally decided to launch this ecourse (after an entire year of thinkingabout it), I trusted it would be a good experience. I had a gut feeling about that. I also knew that souls attract souls and that the people who signed up for this course would surely be my kind of peeps: honest, creative, seekers, joyful. But I wasn’t prepared for the sheer energy and force of this experience and this community. YOU created this energy and this community. And YOU are the reason I’m counting my lucky stars for this amazing experience. It could have gone a million different ways but it was one of the most remarkable experiences of my creative life and you and your hearts are the reason for that joy.

Did you know this was my first e-course? I was nervous. I was intimidated. But I was hopeful. I can’t thank you enough for blasting that hopefulness into oblivion and exceeding all of my wildest expectations. You have blown me away with your courage, with your honesty, and with your kindness. You’ve supported one another with the utmost tenderness inside the comments. You’ve freely shared your experiences, your knowledge, and your resources. You’ve created a remarkable community over on your facebook group. You’ve challenged yourself to dig deeper, to face those fears, to connect. Some of you have taken many small steps already and some of you are simply marinating in what could be (which is a big step all on its own). Whatever the case, you showed up for this experience in ways that have gone way beyond expectations. That alone has been incredibly inspiring for me to witness. I can’t thank you enough for inspiring me with your passion and your commitment.

and so it is. i’m so grateful. and guess what else? my life continues to open with this journey to motherhood. i have been so surprised by all the little heart steps along the way – more on that in another post. for now i will tell you that my belly has gotten huge! i’m 27 weeks and boy am i hungry all of the time. i can’t seem to get enough donuts, though i’m trying very hard to get a lot of protein. my hair is growing fast, my hormones have made me more emotional than ever, yet i have an uncanny amount of energy too. i’m not sleeping very much as evidenced by my tired eyes above – but not because of insomnia, but rather i’m so energetic to get the day started. i love this energy piece of being pregnant right now.


our house is moving right along. today, i’ve been hanging out in local antique markets searching for lighting fixtures and fun stuff like that. our new neighbor gave us (gave us!!!) an incredible chandelier and another vintage hanging light – i’m so thankful. and i cannot get enough of house dreaming and baby dreaming. life is full, full, full.

Sending much love,

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