Jun 30, 2010 | Life in Progress

earlier this week, i went out to the oregon coast with john and his pal (and the dogs) for a day trip. they surfed and i took photos. and soaked up the sunshine. and took a nap. and wrote the following gratitude list:
totally thankful for:
– watching my husband inside his passion: surfing with his bffs, being near the ocean, and appreciating these moments of stillness. he is happiest when in the water on a longboard. i love witnessing this part of him.
– a long dinner with an old high school friend that i haven’t seen in nearly 10 years. she just moved to portland and that makes me happy happy.
– another visit from one of my seattle peeps that came down for the day. we shared the most energetic meal together and went for a walk and a tour of our home. i have missed seeing friends these last many weeks as i went into deep focus on ecourse adventures.
or coast
-that we live near views like this. i will never get over it.
– our happy teal painted home, even with all the ups and downs of the renovation experience.
– receiving the most delightful and thoughtful packages in the mail
– baby kicks in the womb. they are starting to tickle. for real.
– for 2 hour phone calls with demdaco – wait until you guys see what’s coming down the pipe for jan 2011 and june 2011. i am more excited than ever about the products we’re releasing.
– donuts. i just can’t get enough.
– a spontaneous visit from pal, stephanie lee. so fun to see her, even if only for 30 minutes. here we are on the front porch of our home. those flip flops are actual evidence of actual warmth in portland. finally!
– driving around with wide open windows.
– my morning tea. it’s the only daily ritual or routine i have anymore. i’m holding on for dear life.
– good music. lately, it’s been old standbys: wilco, deb talan, ani difranco, beastie boys, mason jennings.
– for feeling energetic as i enter the last trimester. thank you, universe! i’ve had many late nites over here and i’m so thankful that i have the energy and inspiration at the moment.
– for my parents who are coming out to help us move and unpack later this month.
– for community. it feels like my community has exploded and deepened these last five weeks. i have so much so say about this. more soon!

Sending much love,

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