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We’re all moved in. Soul Shine Studio is, like, a real thing. I share it with three amazing artists (Flora, Pixie, + Lynx). We make art here. We write here. Gather here. Teach here. Lounge here. Eat here. Play here. Work our asses off here. I can hardly believe it. We even got ourselves a real deal logo with a tag line and everything:
Soul Shine Studio: Awakening Creativity, Igniting Community, Radiating Possibility


We are so excited to have a space that blends together all of our art, and our collective vision for what we want to create here. We had our open house a few weeks ago. It was crazy good and it felt wonderful to open our doors to the blessings of new beginnings.
For those of you who couldn’t make it to the open house, I wanted to give you a tour of our space. Welcome to our home away from home!
The space is sort of broken up in thirds. Here’s the lounge/living room area:
I love how this space blends all of us together: Flora’s beautiful painting above the green couch and her Balinese umbrella. Pixie’s gorgeous painting and art above the yellow daybed. Lynx’s incredible hanging installation, her meaningful alter that she built with the mantel, her Turkish rugs mixed with my rugs. My art on either side of the mantel….we really wanted the space to hold all of us. And I think it does, beautifully.
Here’s our entry way: 
We converted an old column into a coat/bag holder. How cute is that? Also loving the chalkboard door (Lynx’s sweet son arted it up for us)
Our “kitchen” space:

And the view to the other side of the space:

This is the creative space where art gets made. Looks quite tidy in this photo as we spruced it up for the open house, but normally not so pretty 🙂
The rolling carts (blue and grey) are from Ikea and worth every penny. Love those things.
Also really happy with this awesome tiered rounder. It’s large, super functional, holds a million supplies and looks perfectly industrial in our big space. LOVE. It’s from Create-ologie.


Loving this little corner. Paintbrush chandelier. Check. Vintage wallpaper and basket. Check. Old screened door (found on the side of the road!). Check. Cute rolling carts. Check.



This particular three-tiered rolling cart also came from Create-ologie (no longer in business). Perfectly industrial, perfectly functional, and perfectly amazing for holding gobs and gobs of paint. It was important for us to create a space where we could move pieces of furniture around pretty easily to accommodate all the ways in which we’ll use the space (workshops! gatherings! art making!), so the more rolling pieces, the better.


Loving our wall of bookshelves and sewing table. Lots of storage underneath the tables, too.


Every studio needs a tutu’d stool, right?
Table lamp + basket = floor lamp. How cute is that? Also, Lynx’s curtain is probably my favorite thing in the entire space. Love it so.


Love the tiered display piece? It’s a part of my home decor line and is available here.
My dad built us each a desk made from old reclaimed wood. It’s hard to tell in this shot but we each have our own little computer station.
Here’s a little peek into my section. By the way, the perpetual calendar is amazing and the dream big pillow is a fave.
Hope you enjoyed the tour, friends. Lots of goodness will be happening here. Sign up for the newsletter if you wanna stay informed!
Kelly Rae

Sending much love,

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  1. Nancy Johnson

    Love the studio! Makes me want to create!
    A woman with a paint brush is a powerful force!

  2. Kriston Carey

    I am in love with the space y’all made!! I am disabled and rediscovering my artistic side now that I am out of the nursing home! I am too young for it! I do wish I had a daddy like yours I have been looking for a basically free desk and chair to set up so I can start! It’s a major problem when you don’t have the money for the furniture required! Yes! I saw those rolling carts at ilea the other day and they were calling my name! Haha! I love 💕 eclectic and boho style myself I think this is why I get lost in y’all’s space!
    Thank y’all for sharing!

    • Loretta Waggoner

      I’ve enjoyed lots of your artwork in the past and just recently watched the walk-through of your studio. I love your studio you are so happy to have such a large area to work in. I would love to see more of how you organize your studio

  3. Shanno

    I was brought to this site via I am researching how to create a space where my toddler can’t get into – we live in a fairly good size 2bed apartment just the two of us but she is almost three and I can’t have her touch the wet stuff lol. But then I read how you followed your dream. My dream is to do acrylic art pieces but also to reclaim and hand paint furniture it I work full time in accounts receivable – great job and benefits but I need to start creating more in a good space so that I too can soMe day leave the job
    And grow a business. I look
    forward to learning more from your site on how you did this. I am looking to move to maybe have a third room to create in. Right now, I think I am going to split the open living /dining room
    area. If I just had more access
    to my supplies and wouldn’t have to worry about the little one – I know I would be doing more than I am now. So that’s the biggest challenge and small goal at the moment- what to use and or buy and how to set up. Thank you for this wonderful site!!

  4. Joanne

    I cannot believe what I was reading it felt like you were describing me and all the creating that I had done attempted and still trying to figure out what I can do now that I’ve lost the use of my left hand

  5. Susan M Lettieri

    Hi Kelly Rae

    I came across your blog while trying to find ways to decorate my art room/family room. I have so many things in here and I am very eclectic.
    I am semi retired and my 91 year old mom lives with me so this room is my sanctuary.
    I love the way to have your room set up and I will look forward reading your blog.

  6. lisa

    Lynx Curtain (Yellow & Red at the bottom) Where did you find that?

    • Kelly Rae Roberts

      Lynx found it from her travels 🙂

  7. Sandra Martin

    For everyone who was interested in the rolling 3 tier cart it is carried at Walmart. I bought one for my bathroom. It’s under $40 I think….:)

  8. Mc davies

    Beautiful place,I wish you could help me with mine that I moved in at Christmas.nothing is finish but i got heat and water .it used to be our storage building but i decide to moved in and i will appreciate so much if you could give me some tips

  9. Jeanie Williamson

    It’s April 10, 2018 and in 2017 Tina reported that the link to Catalogie had a link or ad to porn site. You said you would take care of it. If you did, it’s back now or didn’t stay removed. Apparently porn will creep in wherever it can. So please deal with it again.

    Thanks you have a great site but we must take stands to keep the Internet from becoming even more out of control.

    • Kelly Rae Roberts

      Hi Jeanie! Nichole here, Kelly Rae’s community care and engagement manager, here to help! Many apologies, we removed the link from the text but did not realize the image was also linked! I have removed it, thank you so much for the heads up!

  10. Teri

    Um, you might want to know that your Create-ologie link gives a 404 error. If you click on the “go back to the homepage” link there, you’ll see that it’s now porn. 🙁 Love your studio, though!! 🙂

    • Kelly Rae Roberts

      Oh my gosh, thanks for letting us know! We’ll fix it right up.

  11. Beth Tevis

    Your things are all new to me – love it!!

  12. Cristy

    Uh-oh you might want to check the create-ology link in this post. It, ahem, is a little racy and definitely not a rolling cart 😉
    Love your creative spaces<3

  13. Sandra R

    I really like the rolling cart! I’m inspired to ORGANIZE!:)
    Thank you Kelly Rae

  14. Brittney T.

    Thank you so much for sharing that Kelly Rae! The past few weeks I have been in an no-art/no-inspiration/not-happy rut and haven't been able to shake it. Looking at these pictures has turned that light back on inside me and I have so many ideas of what I want to do! Thank you soul sister 🙂

  15. Gaby Montenegro

    Wow! It is beautiful! Gorgeous! Magical! Amazing! A dream! I hope one day I go there and get to make art. What a shame I am that far (SF). When I grow up as an artist I will have a studio like that. 🙂

  16. Cappuccinette

    So lovely ! You're gonna make great things in such a space !

  17. Mary Robertson

    It is great… so many wonderful reasons to be inspired. I think I will go live there!!!

  18. Paula's Originals

    Absolutely love your space. Looks so inviting and makes you just want to jump in and get to creative work.

  19. Linda S.

    Oh I'm so jealous, what a great creating space for you all. Thanks for the tour…

  20. nan

    Girls,there are NO WORDS to describe this MAGICAL SPACE!!!
    You´re so beautiful people that you deserve enjoying each corner of this Wonderful Room. I want you the BEST EXPERIENCES happening there!!!

  21. curlygirlpress

    I was so impressed by how well your space reflected all four of you in such a harmonious, welcoming way. It felt good in there. = )

  22. CJ

    Kelly Rae, it's absolutely gorgeous, well done to all of you.

  23. Amy Dayton

    Loved the tour, envious,very but good to see such happiness in your life.
    Maybe dreams do come true.



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