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Jul 31, 2007 | Life in Progress

this week’s spc topic is pattern. i love the random arrangement of light that show up in bad photographs. i just do. i like the sweetness of the imperfection. it feels like a message.

i was delighted to arrive home from work today to the first issue of Artful Blogging. have you seen it? it’s chock full of wonderful eye candy and many, many profiles on creative bloggers. it was great fun to see several of my art pals featured as well as many others i didn’t know. i think a publication fully dedicated to art/creative blogs is brilliant. what a wonderful way to highlight this inspiring, sometimes strange piece of the internet.

i’ve been thinking about this blog a bit. about how my entire journey these last couple of years has been unfolded here…from the summer i ran the half marathon (which today, in my current state of physical shape, feels like an impossibility) to my entire discovery of art and the opening of a world that followed, both internally and externally. sometimes the documentation here of my life’s joys, struggles, and art in progress leaves me feeling quite vulnerable, but i suppose i don’t know of any other way to be. except honest, even if it’s an awkward honesty that displays my faults and stumblings for all the world to see. in the end, only our stories matter. this is my story. i want it to be real, even if it means revealing the mixture and tumblings of emotions and experiences that come with living a life in the here and now. in transition. in process. i love that we can have blissed out lives, yet still touch on the tender, difficult parts, too. it’s all a part of it. and i’m happy to honor all the bits, pieces, and patterns of my life here on this blog.

{see other spc patterns here.}

Sending much love,

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  2. Stacey V.

    I <3 this post -- especially "this is my story". It really is -- and to be so open and honest and true (even in the down times) is a pretty great thing. Thanks for sharing your story with all of us. : )

  3. Waiting for Occupation

    your blog always makes me want to go lay on the beach and read….more of your blog!!! i miss you and love you! Maya

  4. Schmoops

    this is really beautiful kelly. i find that writing my story has helped me to become my authentic self as well and as my journey continues its so amazing to me to find beauties like you. when i recreated my studio i now have a kelly rae print right next to my computer that serves as a reminder and helps me to realize my dreams each day. plus i can’t help but smile each time i see it. can’t wait to get my edition of artful blogging. xoxo

  5. platinum blonde

    I adore this photo of you! The issue of Artful blogging is fabulous–there is so much wonderful inspiring goodness to check out! One of my illustrations was featured in the Inspire Me Thur. section, so that was cool!!


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