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Oct 28, 2007 | Entrepreneurship, Life in Progress

(a sneak peek) (ps – the painting on the right has already sold, but prints are now up on my etsy)

look what arrived in the mail. i hope this never gets old. these butterflies of excitement. these feelings of wanting to jump around. these thoughts of being grateful. these dreams and deep, deep belief. i hope i never get used to it and that it continues to always feel new and fresh and just very, very cool. i spill the beans in this issue (nov/dec) on ways to create fun patchwork collage paintings, much different than my last article where i spill the beans on embracing possibility and what it can mean for our creative lives. this article still has heart, but mostly it’s all about techniques and play. my friends judy, and katie are also in this issue, making it extra fun.

also, thank you, craft:boom (love that name), for the mention. you’ll want to go and check out this very professional and well put together website that’s all about small art & craft business, tips, etsy favorites, getting started in your crafty adventures, support, interviews, and more. wow! i sound like an advertisement, but really, i was just supa impressed with what they’re doing over there.

Sending much love,

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  1. Kim Tedrow

    Hi Kelly — I have been having a blast using the techniques and ideas in your CPS article – well done!

    Posted a couple pics to my blog, and linked back to yours.

    Thanks for generously “spilling the beans.”

    Kim Tedrow

  2. Loudlife

    Oh, and I forgot to tell you to swing by my blog where I have posted a picture of my piece.


  3. Loudlife

    Hi Kelly-

    I have to thank you. I read your article in Cloth, Paper, Scissors and was just so inspired by your work! Those pictures kept scratching at my consciousness and scratching and scratching…I finally succumbed. Today I tried out your technique and I’m really happy with the results. Not only that, my husband the art snob (he doesn’t get collage at all) loves it! What a shocker for me! He’s requested that we keep this one! So I’ll have to thank you for that, too!

    Also, I want to tell you how moving and beautiful your writing is on this blog. I appreciate your authenticity, I’m a little afraid to put myself out there to the masses like that. It takes a stronger heart than mine. From what I have read so far, you’ve definitely got the heart for it.

    Thank you,

  4. Cora

    I was so inspired by your article. I made a painting of my own using your technique and posted it to my blog. I have put a link to your blog. I hope that this is ok

  5. justjohanna

    my copy was waiting for me when we got home safely after the firestorm. my husband said “hey – isn’t the artist chick that you like?” heehee. i’m so happy for you, and so excited to learn more about your technique. i took a beginner’s painting class with a golden instructor last weekend and am looking forward to finding time to do some more experimenting.

  6. Adrienne

    I just got my copy of CPS, I bought it just to read your article. Loved it, I have enjoyed very much watching and reading about your journey. It gives me hope to pursue my dream. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Steph

    Congratulations! I’m so thrilled for you! I will drink a cup of very nice tea and contemplate all my joys and how I can “own” them – thank you for that language.

  8. Colorsonmymind

    Oh Congarts Kelly-how wonderful. Your success is so inspiring.

  9. deirdre

    After chasing around town for almost two weeks looking for the last issue, I’ve subscribed to the magazine. Now I’ll only be checking the mailbox everyday. I can barely wait.

  10. ceanandjen

    A and I made a special trip to the “bookstory” last night looking for this latest copy, but alas, it had not arrived on the shelves yet. I was sad.

    Congratulations again! I heart reading your story and can’t wait to read your tips and treats this month.


  11. kelly

    wow…i can’t wait to get my issue and my painting. i will treasure both. i will have to take good care of that issue for sure!

    peace girlie

  12. Swirly

    Congratulations my friend. You are spreading joy all over!!

  13. Lina

    I cannot wait to get this new issue! It’s been a long few weeks for me, reading your blog has helped me keep my spirits up!! Oh and my two lovely paintings that are propped up in the living room right now so i can look at them when i am resting in the recliner, lol…Hugs!!

  14. aka Cate

    I am basking in your cleverness. Go you!!

  15. vintagecollage

    The article was great! Look forward to the next one. Debbie

  16. Cheryl Prater

    Kelly – I loved seeing you in CPS. The collage technique is extra-fabulous.

    Hope all is well with you. I have been neglecting my blog and my blog friends, but hey, the book deadline is almost here and then I’ll be back to bugging the blogosphere FULL TIME!


    I received my magazine over the weekend and was thrilled to see you in it again !! And after having just discovered you online….what a coincidence. I thoroughly enjoyed the ‘how-to’ and of course your work is so wonderful to look at over and over. Congratulations….enjoy the wonderful feeling !!

  18. Chandra Thomason

    I just received this issue of CPS and was overjoyed that you shared this collaging technique…I can’t wait to try it! Thank you so much for spillin’ the beans!

  19. samantha

    Congratulations, honey! That is SO COOL! ::zooms off to the bookstore::

  20. Lisa

    Wow Kelly! Thank you so much about your kind comments about my blog. That’s made my day 🙂

  21. Pattie Donham

    love your blog. i didn’t know that anyone else takes pics of their feet besides me. don’t know what it means about us, but it makes me grin. your art is wonderful and i’ll be back for more. Pattiewack

  22. Kirsten Michelle

    i was just thinking TODAY that the november issue would be arriving at my local bookstore soon!!!
    i’m so looking forward to picking it up!!!
    hope you had a wonderful weekend 😉


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