spring is on her way

Mar 13, 2006 | Life in Progress

9X12 on watercolor paper. mixed media, but mainly acrylics. this feels sweet to me, kind of like an email i received today from sarah. the sun is out today and i’m feeling the anticipation of spring.

Sending much love,

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  1. carla

    She’s walking as if she doesn’t want to disturb her new avian friend! I love the wings and the flowers…it is most defintely very sweet.

  2. brandelion

    it looks great! i love her dress.

  3. Joy Eliz

    I love your style!

  4. AscenderRisesAbove

    Another beautiful illustration. Again; Each one unique.

  5. Lee

    that’s really pretty…I love her expression!

  6. Kim Carney

    Are you home now? I love this. Kim

  7. karen

    I love her! Send her our way. Being in Florida last week and seeing the azaleas in bloom, and the lillies pushing up little nubs, totally made me itch for it. We’ve had warm weather for a few days though, and I saw some little green nubs on trees, so it’s not long now.

  8. kelly

    so very pretty…very peacful and soothing. i just sent a message from flickr and for some reason i thought it said you are located in
    florida…sorry about the message.
    it won’t make any sense.

    what kind of paper do you use with your acrylics? i have a bunch of wood blocks screaming for gesso!
    if only i could find the time, or at least schedule it!

    have a happy tuesday!

  9. Clare Jane

    I love the bird on the head theme you have going. For me it gives your images a sense of lightness, as if they are going to take flight any moment.

  10. Laini Taylor

    This one’s beautiful Kelly! You’re getting so much art done — wow! And 7 days off work? I hope you have a fabulous time and an INSPIRED time. I hear so many creative souls voicing the same kind of things as you in your last post, and I’ve known relatively few who truly found their way to listening to the whispers and opening up their lives to them, finding the path to their inspiration. It’s a scary unknown and the older we get, the more foolish it seems to take the leap of faith towards a creative career (It ISN”T foolish – it just seems it!). I’m glad I set myself on that road when I was younger, because it scares me now to think of the time I lived without insurance, without savings, to make it work. And I don’t know if I could make that leap now if I hadn’t already. But… if I knew what I know, how rewarding it is, how worth it, I WOULD still do it — though maybe a little more carefully, you know, with health insurance!! Again this confirms my wish to get a creative women’s group going here in Portland, before you move away (sniff), so we can talk about these things and encourage each other. Alexandra (marvelous madness) is going through so much the same thoughts as you right now! We’ll all have to meet soon!

  11. Teresa

    I really like this. Do you ever sell your work? i.e. ebay?


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