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Feb 19, 2007 | Entrepreneurship, Life in Progress, My Creative Practice

image by teesha moore

oh my. the weather here in california has changed from beautifully sunny and cold to beautifully sunny and warm. the windows are open. the curtains are swaying in the open breeze. jack johnson is on the ipod. the flip-flops and the sandals have been removed from the back of the closet. yesterday, i was enjoying a picnic up at tilden park with some friends when one of them asked “so, what’s the weather like in portland right now?” and i had to sort of put my head down and admit that i’m sure it was nowhere near as beautiful as it was here. in fact, i’m sure my fellow portlanders have been wet and cold as i’ve been skipping around california in my bare feet. so, yes, thank goodness for warmth and sunshine. it’s kept my lifted spirits lifted this week.

artfest is only FIVE weeks away and i’m starting to feel a slight panic about all that needs to be done before i leave. trades need to be made, original art needs to be made for vendor nite (!), supplies need to be organized and shipped ahead of time, plane tickets need to be bought, and so on. amidst all the panic, though, is a sincere “omg, i can’t wait!”. i can’t wait to have inspiration overload. to meet more creative souls. to room with liz. to learn. to chat non-stop. to walk along the ocean and breath in the northwest air that i miss so much. to drive from seattle to port townsend, a truly peaceful and scenic drive. to stop and realize all that’s happened since last year’s artfest when all of this began for me. i really can’t wait. my dream would be to one day have my mom and my sister (who, by the way, has opened an etsy site) go with me. how cool would that be? they are two of the most creative people i know and i think it would be such fun to have an artfest family experience. one day.

Sending much love,

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  1. Frida World

    Wow, it sounds like a wonderful experience.

    I read about Liz’s experience last year and I’m looking forward to reading about your.

    Here in the backwaters of Afghanistan I have to make my own ArtFest so please give me lots of juicy, inspiring snippets!

  2. ceanandjen

    This is so very exciting! I am sure that all of your preparations will come togehter beautifully. You are so incredibly talented!!!!

    I wish you joy as you prepare!

  3. Laini Taylor

    Okay, while I am sorry not to be going to Artfest, and I’m sure I’ll be sorrier when I hear all about it AFTER, I am also relieved right now not to worry about it. Too much to do already! But it did sound like so much fun to hang out with you for the weekend! I wish I could sneak up there to crash vendor night at least!

  4. Alexandra S

    I bet YOU will be teaching at ArtFest before much longer Kelly! I can’t wait to read all about it when you get back & to see how it will impact your work next!

  5. Amanda

    my heart is swelling up.
    i love your work.
    and your words.
    thank you…

  6. Boho Girl

    yummy new banner…xoxox

  7. Steph

    I haven’t by in a while, but thought I’d say “hello.” I really like the visual header to your blog. That’s very appealing!

    Also, thanks for the reference to Junque Revival. I just purchased a Look Closely necklace!

  8. Dawn Sellers

    What’s the weather like in Portland? HA! Rain of course today, that pouring rain that puddles on the freeways. But Saturday – oh my! It was one of those beautiful sunny, warm, February days that tease you and make you remember that we do see the sun in Portland and that Spring is just around the corner.

  9. J.Valentine

    I had no idea it was already so close….seems like you were just there! Mom and I will go with you next year, I promise!

  10. misty

    five weeks…I can hardly wait five more days! 😉 I know just how you feel though…so much to get ready for. but so exciting!
    Open windows…ohhh, I am so envious!
    Loving your cd’s your sent, they are a lot of fun! thanks.

  11. krista

    I wish I could go too. I remember reading about it last year when many bloggers I know and love went.

    Sigh, I would love to meet you.

    Ever feel like visiting Canada for something?

  12. la vie en rose

    poo…i wish i could go…

    ps–love your sister’s site…


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