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Jul 27, 2008 | Entrepreneurship, Life in Progress

hi friends. Taking Flight is almost here and i’ve been getting lots of questions streaming my way about it, so i thought i’d answer them all in one swoop! here we go:

when will you stop taking pre-orders?
this week. friday to be exact. after that, you can still order the book thru my website, but your book will not arrive with the pre-orders goodies, including a never-before-seen art print (size 5×7), nor will you be entered to win the original painting. if you’d like to get in on the pre-order special before it’s all over, then head over here for the details. don’t forget that you can always order it thru amazon or barnes + noble, too.

i’ve pre-ordered your book. when should i expect it to arrive?
i will be shipping all books (international and domestic) sometime in august (so soon!)

can you include the print i recently ordered in the same shipment as the book so that i can save on shipping fees?
unfortunately, i can’t do this. i’ve received hundreds of pre-orders and i need to keep these orders separate from all my regular print orders for simplicity and organization’s sake. i’m sorry!

i ordered your book thru your website, but it’s only charging me $5 for shipping even though i live outside of the US. is this correct?
no, it’s not. correct international shipping fee will be $12. for this reason, please consider purchasing Taking Flight through my etsy shop so that correct shipping fees will be applied. if you choose to order it thru my website instead, or if you’ve already pre-ordered it thru my website, then please expect a paypal invoice from me for the additional $7. sorry for the confusion….

will you have your books for sale at Squam and Art + Soul?
yes! i’ll have vendor tables at both of these events and will be selling the books for $30.

is the artwork displayed in the book work i’ve seen before either on your website or flickr page?
99% of the artwork in the book is work that has never been shared before on any of my websites, including this blog. this includes the contributor artists’ websites, too. we wanted to keep it as fresh as possible, thus keeping it all a secret (it’s been very hard, this part, for me)!

can i purchase any of the artwork that’s shown in the book?
i will be posting some of the original paintings that are published in the book for sale – sometime before/around the holidays. if you think you may be interested in purchasing any of these works, then please sign up for the newsletter to stay informed about when paintings are listed for sale.

i have a craft/book store and would like to purchase some of your books at wholesale prices. how can i do this?
i’d love it if you carried Taking Flight in your shop! get in touch with me via email and i’ll get you to the right folks for wholesale.

i’d like to confirm you have my correct address as i’ve either moved since pre-ordering the book or my paypal account doesn’t reflect my current address.
yes, please email me with your correct address if you have any suspicion that the address i have for you could be wrong.

my paypal acct represents my business name, but i’d really like to have you sign the the book to me, not my business.
i’ve received many orders from business’ but if you’d like for me to sign the book with your name (or someone else’s – a gift to a dear one, perhaps), then please get in touch with me.

can you share with me the table of contents?
sure! be sure to check out more details about the book and what to expect in the descriptions, both on my website and amazon.
chapter one: Unearthing Buried Dreams (this chapter is about listening to the whispers of our lives, unearthing our creative potential)
chapter two: Facing Our Fears (we’ve all got em’ when it comes to our creativity)
chapter three: Creating Community (this is huge)
chapter four: Finding the Sacred in the Ordinary (how this fuels our inspiration)
chapter five: Honoring Our Memories (thoughts on healing and honoring who we were and who we are becoming through our art+craft)
chapter six: Speaking Our Truth (thoughts on embracing our vulnerabilities and making our art + craft meaningful)
chapter seven: Embracing the Questions (thoughts on the inevitable ups and downs of the creative life)

thanks to every single one of you who have pre-ordered. i’ve been incredibly blown away by the response. it will be worth the wait…
big, giant hugs to you!

back to regular posting tomorrow…

Sending much love,

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