Jul 25, 2008 | Life in Progress

“We’re all stumbling toward the light with varying degrees of grace at any given moment.” (Bo Lozoff)

somedays i have it.
and somedays i do not.
today is a good day.
and you?

Sending much love,

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  1. nana
  2. Julia

    grace is definately needed here. i am so thankful for it. i, like many others, have stumbled upon your blog and art and have fallen for both! 🙂

  3. justagirl

    beautiful painting…

    Ahhh no, I have never had grace… it really does seem to elude me. My friends said I always danced like a demented duck… I didn’t care I was having fun, and sometimes I fell over and that was even funnier. Now I don’t dance as much but I still seem to trip over things.

    I would love to have grace, even just one day a week would be ok.


  4. Rowena

    I feel like I am releasing a big breath reading your post and those of the commenters.

    My day HAS been full of grace, but I have been too wrapped up in my exhaustion and anxiety to see it.

    Phew. Thanks for helping me stop and smell the roses.

  5. DebbieOverton

    Kelly this is such a pretty piece. Sometimes it takes a stumble to find our Grace! Debbie

  6. Anonymous

    grace is such a beautiful mystery. . .
    im not even sure i could paint it or sing it or
    put words to it. all i know is that is a feeling i get in the under belly of my heart, and its a very specific find of humbling warmth.

    today? yes. simple good days feel like the best kind of thing lately….

    jen gray

  7. Carol

    I nominated you for an award, your such an inspiration in so many ways!

  8. Lucy

    Beautiful new artwork, Kelly 🙂 Even if I don’t feel full of grace before I stop by your blog, by the time I read your posts and view your latest, I always feel that much more full of grace and peace.

  9. Katrina

    gorgeous. i love the rawness in this painting. so good to see all this artwork just pouring out of you. i’m off to the mountains and will meet you for a drink next week, yes we will!

  10. Tamsie

    From Webster’s II:
    Grace: 1. Seemingly effortless beauty, ease and charm of movement, form or proportion 2. A charming or pleasing quality or characteristic. 3. Skill at avoiding an improper, inept, or clumsy course
    Given that, I’m there, mostly 🙂

  11. Gracie

    Hey, that’s MY name! Even though I have always been called Gracie, it’s fun to see!
    Love your blog, can’t wait for your book to arrive in my mailbox!
    It’s a beautiful warm Friday, my daughter is finishing Art Camp today and will be bringing home many treasures I am sure!
    Can’t wait…
    Yes, today is full of grace.

  12. the camp

    i little grace today, for once.
    shoutin’ out an amen!

    love your new pieces….

  13. Swirly

    It is a day by day – sometimes even hour by hour – process, and I’ve learned to be patient through those experiences where I feel like I’m stumbling. Today happens to be a good day even though I’m rather tired. Sending you hugs.


    beautiful, just beautiful….I simply love the new pieces….

    awesome !!!!

  15. Sarah

    This reminds me of that U2 song…”Grace, it’s the name of a girl…”

  16. debbie v

    oooohhhh…I love grace!!!

  17. Kim Mailhot

    You do have Grace everyday – some days it is just harder to remember that !
    Today was a very good day for me as well. Glad to know it was getting spread around !

  18. Carmen

    Great comment Vanessa…

    Kelly I read your blog in a similar way. You ALWAYS inspire me and your art touches my soul. Thank you.

    I love this piece.

    I am full of grace today.



  19. Vanessa

    I just left a message but I went through and read some other things that you wrote. Kelly I know that you don’t know me from a can of paint, but you are someone so special. I think of your blog like ministry. I get a lift from your artwork every single time I visit. Even the comments from other bloggers are so powerfully positive. God has blessed your eyes, hands and heart to put what’s inside of you on canvas to help the rest of us. We go through the fire of life’s crazy roller coster sometimes not knowing what to expect and lots of questions of why? It like broken pieces of your heart, dreams and hopes just about to go into the trash when you figure out a way to use them. It’s called a mosaic or collage of your life in all of it’s beautiful glory! Be encouraged! Bigger things are headed your way!

  20. vanessa

    We all need grace. It is unmerited favor! This is just lovely! You Rock Ms. Kelly Rae


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