The Big Questions: What Makes You Come Alive

Aug 27, 2012 | My Creative Practice

Today I’m participating in my friend Tiffany Moore’s Big Questions extravaganza. She believes in asking the Big Questions – the kind that help you decipher your (actual) dreams — and (actually) do ‘em. Find
out who else is
The Big Questions and how you can win your own Big Question session here

What makes you come alive? I love this question. A lot of things make me feel alive, but I thought I’d start with sharing the following things that really spark my aliveness.

Date nite. Bliss.
(recent dinner date with John)

Great conversation with my husband. The ones where we talk about all the stuff we’re grateful for. The ones where we talk about how far we’ve traveled with one another and separately. The ones where we dream and plan about what’s yet to come. The ones where we talk about how amazing it is to be parents of True.
Making art. The losing of time that happens when I’m in the flow, creatively. I need more of this in my life. It definitely makes me come alive – literally with energy flowing through my body.

The moments when I look over and see my son across the room and just marvel at the preciousness of his life and all that he teaches me about my precious life. Every morning when I walk into his room and am greeted by the sweetest little “Hiiiiii” you can imagine. Every evening when we read and rock together in his darkened room before he says “Nite nite” and falls asleep.

What 730am looks like. Hot tea while little man eats and watches Elmo. #slowmorning
A really good thought or idea that makes me stop whatever I’m doing and write it down. These aha moments of inspiration are fleeting, often happen in the car or the shower, but they are like fuel for me. They spark me into passion, into aliveness. The trick is to catch them in their moment of being in my consciousness before they’re off and traveling to the next person who might gift them with their attention.

Connecting with my girlfriends over conversation, good, music, dancing. The energy of truly being seen, and the reflecting of one another’s remarkableness wakes me up, lifts me up, and energizes and inspires me for weeks.

another one
Being afraid, deeply afraid, and taking action anyway with a good dose of hope and intuition. There is nothing that makes me feel more alive than pushing up against one of my edges and then jumping over into a new place with an even further horizon. It’s that moment of thin teetering between the world of compliance/comfort and the world unknown/adventure that makes me feel most alive – the moment just before I jump.

Day 2 of week two coming right up.  #bootcamp fitness
Another thing that’s been making me feel more alive lately are 5:30am bootcamp workouts. I’ve just finished two weeks and coming home at 6:30am with a sweaty workout behind me is the best feeling. A bit addictive, even.

How about you? What’s one think that is making you come alive today?

Sending much love,

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  1. Holly A

    I think there are those moments I miss and look back later knowing I came alive. I live for the warm sun leaves blowing in the breeze and fluffy clouds. I breathe deeply and wholly in those moments reveling in them. There are many but also wish there were more.

    Thank for opening yourself up. That also makes me come alive knowing people are willing to do so not knowing if or when it will be returned.

  2. TwynMawrMom

    Agree with Kira– finding a re-connect moment, which often happens while reading your blog — is what makes me feel alive.
    Agree with you– those conversations with my husband where you realize how much deeper the world is.
    Agree with all– creating life, creating art [performing], and achieving a goal [especially fitness], and being able to share that creation with others at the exact moment they are– ALIVE!
    thanks for asking

  3. tiffany moore | magic maker

    Kelly – thank you so much for sharing your answer and inspiring so many other great answers!

    I love how you describe that moment of fear and panic and how you do it anyways. That's really the key, isn't it?

  4. Liubov Leray

    Thanks for interesting question! What makes me come alive – well, my little daughter smiling and kidding around. Writing for my blog and summarizing what I'm thinking about doing what I do – crafting, drawing. When I manage to get up early, like really early, when the family is still sleeping and I have kind of couple undisturbed hours to dream myself into what I'll be doing later the day, or crafting from sketches I've made before falling asleep. New ideas keep me alive, and thanks God, they do come regularly. Crafting, being creative, when I push myself to work and get in that work flow almost instantly – I feel grateful for having a chance and being able to do what I love to do. I'm still making lil'baby steps, but the direction feels right – that makes me feel alive. My family, the way how we build our life together, full of stressful and difficult moments, of course, but very many times a source of deep joy and gratitude. That's it!

  5. Trudy @

    What's making me feel alive at this very moment is the fact that I turn 40 tomorrow and am in the best physical and mental shape of my life. Good choices, good people, amazing husband and friends, and loving myself are the keys. Funny how a bit of "age" can make everything come to light. I choose happiness all the time – even if I don't feel like it – and it makes everything just right. Living BIG (and making it count) through my positive choices makes me come alive every day.

  6. Welcome

    The best moments here are when I'm in a creative flow and the two little girls (4 yrs and 18 months) are playing quielty together. It's so perfect.

  7. S. Kim Henson

    Writing makes me come alive, especially posting on my blog.

    And rugs make me come alive. : ) Where'd the orange one in your photo come from?

    Thanks for always inspiring!

  8. The Creative Beast

    Looking at the cheese and bread plate pictured here is making me come alive! So I guess DELICIOUS FOOD is one thing that makes me come alive, along with creating Art =-)

  9. kari

    I am a simple girl. God makes me feel alive.


  10. Jude

    Connecting all across the globe with artists like you Kelly Rae makes me come alive!
    My kids, my husband, my pets, and nature are my keys to coming alive.
    Meditating and praying, being grateful for this life definitely make me feel alive, loved and content. Have a great week sweet girl!

  11. Kira

    This is a really good question to ask. I'm in the middle of a mental crash right now and I knew that reading your blog would help to awaken my mind again.

    The love that my cats gives my makes me feel alive. We got them from a rescue centre so every time they purr and cuddle up with me I know that we've helped them to have a happy life.

    Fabric and textiles also make me feel alive. I love creative textiles and I want to pursue a career in that but I still have some fear in my heart. I think I'm slowly breaking it into smaller pieces though.

    Walking in nature also makes me feel alive but it's not something I do very often. It's great to be reminded of that.

    As I said, I knew that your blog would help get me thinking again, so thank you 🙂 I do feel more alive again.


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