The gift of self portraits!

May 6, 2013 | Life in Progress


Back in February, during our Radiate Sessions weekend, the amazingly talented Viv McMaster led us all on a self portrait photo walk. With her guidance those couple of hours of experimenting with self portraiture, and looking into the lens with kindness (have you ever done that? TRY IT!), became a big part of my reclaiming my confidence.




Using just our iPhones, Viv led us through several prompts. It was the most fun to frolic about, experiment with shooting into the sun and take a whole bunch of shots using the Gorillacam app (it’s like a self timer for your iphone camera).



Throughout the day, I felt the feeling of being about 10 years old – playing on the beach, experimenting with different prompts, angles, iphone photo apps, self timer play. It freed me up, big time. Since returning home, I’ve been experimenting a big more with self portraits, and I can feel how healing, fun, creative, and important it is. It about seeing ourselves differently, kindly, and having fun. Viv says it’s about being our own beloved. Love that. And so profoundly TRUE!


That’s Viv. Isn’t she cute? Thank you, Viv! Check out Viv’s site – it’s full of all sorts of goodness. And may she inspire you to be your own beloved 🙂

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Sending much love,

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  1. Amanda St.Clair

    Beautiful pictures, Kelly Rae. Isn't Vivienne amazing? She's inspired me to to turn the camera on myself and see my own beauty. And you, Kelly, have inspired me to find beauty in my creative life. Have a beautiful day!

  2. Misty

    hello kelly rae 🙂

    i'm a quiet reader of your blog. I am inspired by the love and creativeness that you bring to this world. You have such an amazing heartShine and it's palpable through your words.

    Thank you for offering glimpses into your world. And for living life with play and sweetness. And for making such awesome works of art (can't wait for my inspiration flags to arrive for my new yoga studio. I'll totally share a photo once they are hung up).

    From my heart in Kentucky…


  3. Kim

    Thank you for introducing me to Vivienne's website! I only wish it had been a couple weeks sooner so I could participate in her e-course this month! Oh well there is always August….off to sign up now!

  4. vivienne

    SO honoured that you are sharing your experience of the photo walk Kelly Rae! And your images still have me in AWE! They so show that incredible KRR magic!

  5. The Creative Beast

    I have REALLY got to try one of Vivienne McMasters workshops!

  6. sheila


    That's all I can say.



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