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Jul 14, 2006 | Life in Progress

there is something about getting out of the city and into quiet that makes me stop, be still, rest, and get some answers to the questions i didn’t even know i’ve had because life has been the kind of busy i don’t quite like lately. i never truely experienced the gifts of nature until i met john. it has been one of his greatest visions and gifts to me and my life.

i’m back from a very relaxing and much needed getaway to the north carolina mountains. i was staying in a small town called Montreat, about 20 minutes outside of Asheville. this trip couldn’t have come at a better time. i feel refueled and ready for the next adventure. we move to oakland (finally!) tomorrow. i imagine we’ll be without internet for a bit until we get situated with an internet provider and the such.

some highlights from the trip include such indulgences as sleeping in every day and going to bed early each nite. reading a book about a man who left to live in the woods when he was a mere 17 years old and still lives this way today, in a teepee in the mountains of NC, hunting his own food, making his own clothes, and educating yougsters in his summer camp on how they can grow up and do the same. tea in the mornings. staying in our pjs until noon if we so wished. the big gigantic porch with rocking chairs and a hammock. a hike with gina and baby ian. the sounds of nature, and some kids at play while enjoying summer camp. getting to know baby ian. he is quiet, hardly ever cries, and smiles a ton. watching gina and brian be parents. i wasn’t sure what to expect when i would see my best girlfreind of almost 20 years be a mom, but it seemed very natural and sweet.

oh, and i visited with my friends Alena (who is also an artist. you can see her amazing work here) and Andrew (who i’ve known since highschool and who just built thier house all by himself in less than 1 year!). i also spent a couple of hours with my friend Matt Kane (who i’ve also known since highschool and is an amazing potter. you can see his work here). i know, i know, i have the most talented friends! i have a funny habit of calling some of my long time friends by their first and last names. Matt Kane is one of them. i just can’t bring myself to call him just Matt. anyway, matt kane took me to a couple of very cool galleries in asheville which provided me with some serious inspiration.

so here’s to the next chapter of our life. goodbye portland. we will miss you! and hello to oakland – you better be good to us!

here are some pics from the last week or so:

sweet baby ian. he looks a lot like brian.
me with jessica and sarah on our last evening all together
the cambell’s. check out those cute star socks
andrew and alena
me with kuulei and the money lei she made for me. seriously amazingly cool lei.
he doesn’t even cry when getting a bath. so cute.
some of my friends at work on my very last day.

Sending much love,

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  1. Judy Wise

    OMG, I turn my back for one minute and look what happens! Well, life is for trying many new things and places. I moved 16 times in one year once so I know the itch well. May the wind carry you on to beautiful sights and experiences. I know you will find joy wherever you go because that’s who you are. Fortunately we have our blogs to stay connected. Hugs and well wishes.

  2. liz elayne

    it sounds like you had a wonderful time…
    and how cute is ian! oh. adorable.

    (i want to know the name of the book…tell me more…sounds so interesting.)

  3. britt

    aw what an exciting adventure!!!! good luck kelly – live it up! and tell me how SF is! you rock 🙂
    glad your trip was beautiful.

  4. Clare Jane

    Ian’s beautiful!! It makes me that much more excited to meet ours. Have a wonderful, safe drive down to Oakland. I am so excited that you guys are finally off! Oh, and I got into the habit of calling Matt Kane by his full name to differentiate him from Matt Cooper, who I also always call by his full name. So glad you got to see him.

  5. megg

    I am so excited for you – this move is such an opportunity to get on with what you want to do most! It’s obvious that this year has been so full of change – and this next adventure will be a big one – keep strong and excited and art-full! xoxo


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