the clarity i’ve had up here nestled in the mountains, in between naps in my favorite hammock, is that i need to do art. i need it. i need to pursue it, in earnest, in oakland, california. i need to get a social work job, but only part-time (we do need to eat, afterall) and i need to give this life, this art in my heart, in my mind, in my thoughts, a real chance to breathe and dance and live. and we’ll see where that leap will take me. this is my promise to myself. i only have one chance. i’m gonna take it. those fears of how we’ll make it, where the money will come from, will have to find another pocket in some other heart. mine is clear, now.

Sending much love,

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  1. Anonymous

    I make fairies and mermaids…I have not had luck selling online, but sell at faires………..I would like to write a book..but am afraid to take the plunge because it is such a "niche" clientele…

  2. shoofly

    good for you! go for it!

  3. Steph

    Reading this gave a boost to my day, and encouragement to my heart. I’m very thrilled for you, and I look forward to reading of your success!

  4. Whatsername

    I just caught up on your blog from the last week. I am crying—I am going to miss you in Portland. I know this is good for you and John. Kelly, you are such a success, right now. The rest is just iceing on the cake. You inspire me to keep working towards beauty in my own life–inside and out. Luv.

  5. Laini Taylor

    yes yes yes yes yes! If you were to put up your paintings in a show they would sell OUT. Easily! You have so much talent, and it’s so unusual to see such a firm, distinct style in someone who’s so new to art-making. It’s awesome! Go for it!

  6. Alexandra S

    yay Kelly! The more time you do art=the more art for my walls!

  7. liz elayne

    oh kelly…this is so good. so very good. i am so proud of you for turning inward and seeing the courage and deciding to take the leap. yes. yes. yes. i can’t wait to see what happens my friend. such adventures await you.

  8. Stacy

    Go Kelly! Go Kelly! Go Kelly!
    Do it!

  9. Jes

    Good for you Kelly….seriously…I know what these descisions mean and how hard they are, but I am nothing if I am not creating…and why be nothing?


    HEY…No I haven’t seen anything in the mail yet:(

  10. melanie

    It sounds like the mountains have worked their wonders on your soul! Reminds me of a favorite quote of mine: “Keep close to Nature’s heart… and break clear, once in awhile and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean” (John Muir)

  11. tiffinix

    Good for you! Your art is so beautiful – rich with emotion and lovely patterns and vibrant colors! It is only a matter of time before you will be able to quit your part time social work job. . .and do art full time! xo

  12. Sarah e.Smith

    I wish you the best with your creative endeavours…you have a beautiful talent and I am sure that it will take you far 🙂

  13. goldendove

    go get it, kelly. you’ll always find a way to eat. just go back to ramen noodles and macaroni and cheese! your art and dreams and creative expressions will last way longer than groceries, girlie. (this goldendove is an old account, by the way — this is ama).

  14. Dana

    I bet you have more than one chance, but I am glad you’ve decided to take this one.


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