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May 12, 2010 | Life in Progress

on being pregnant:
my belly has grown a little from few weeks ago. it really popped out around 16 weeks and it’s holding strong. i’ve still yet to purchase a single piece of maternity clothing. i just use the bella band every single day over my regular jeans. i’m eating small meals all day long and besides some energy lulls, i’m doing great.
andrea sent me this amazing article a few days ago, written by one of my fave authors anne lamott. i loved every piece of humor and honesty. she has such a way with words…my favorite part of the article was this sentence:
Nothing heals us like letting people know our scariest parts: When people listen to you cry and lament, and look at you with love, it’s like they are holding the baby of you.
these words made my heart pause for a minute with utter stillness. and since reading it i haven’t stopped thinking of all the ways my family and friends hold the baby of me, especially now that i’m preggers and my own baby soul pieces are tender and raw.
i’ve also been loving all the pregnancy and birth stories over on design mom. wow, wow, wow!
on grandma and the south:
she is doing better. thank you for all the well wishes for her and our family. she’s still in the hospital but making progress and we’re all taking it one day at a time. i know it’s a scary time for her…i can only imagine the uncertainty that comes with accepting our physical limitations. but i’m so grateful i am here in florida to help.
speaking of florida, i can’t tell you the comfort that comes from being back in the south. out of nowhere (pregnancy?), i’ve been craving the familiarity that comes with fried chicken, grits, sweet tea, humidity, friendly southern accents, and time with my mom. even though it’s been rough, all the small comforts are there and i’m soaking them in. my bff gina arrives tomorrow from atlanta with her newborn son and i can hardly wait to see her and to meet him…
on creativity and business:
yesterday i made a painting for an upcoming book i’m contributing to. it was such therapy to get my hands messy for a little while and create. i packed just the necessities..a few paint colors and a canvas. and i’m so glad i did. lately my creative brain power has been hijacked by house design and ecourse writing, so it felt good to shift gears for a bit.
in some exciting news, i did sign on with the licensing agent/agency i mentioned a few weeks back. i can’t be more thrilled about this – it means more licensing opportunities for my work! i’ll be represented by this agency (i can’t spill the beans just yet on who it is) at SURTEX next week in nyc. mati will be rep’d by her agency at the same show so we’ll be traveling together to nyc to watch it all unfold…i can hardly wait! i seriously miss my mati time…and nyc too!
christine of darling design (who i adore to pieces and who designed my website) created a new logo and packaging style guide for me. isn’t the logo so sweet? you will see this on all new product packaging, etc, etc. so fun…i was in serious need of a logo and i’m relieved to finally have one! it’s a great match to my aesthetic and website.
speaking of products, we’ve got some awesome new goodies coming out in july, including laptop skins, iphone skins, paperweights, and interactive art block sets (hard to explain but super cool). and i just saw samples of the new sketchbooks/journals coming out in january – omg, i screamed when i saw them. they are perfect. and you guys, wait until you see the BIG wall canvases! they are amazing and BIG!
on the ecourse:
totally amazed at the energy and enthusiasm surrounding this ecourse. thank you for signing up, for believing in your creative biz dreams, and for taking the leap with me! for those of you are still considering it, all the details are here and faqs are here! before the class starts (on may 30th), we’ve all been signing into the private classroom blog and introducing ourselves. i’m already loving the sense of community and discovery. it’s going to be awesome.
that’s my this and that for the week.
again, thank you for all the support and well wishes for my grandma. she’s a dear soul….
kelly rae

Sending much love,

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