May 11, 2010 | Life in Progress

the deconstruction – john texted this photo to me yesterday from the living room of our new home. it’s being demolished. it freaks me out yet inspires me with possibility all at once. i suppose that’s what deconstruction is all about whether it’s a house, our hearts, or our souls.
it’s been a little rough here in florida.
my mom and i had a lovely mother’s day out by the pool in the awesome warm breeze. it felt like heaven out there napping under the trees, hearing the birdies, the wind. later, at approximately 1am, i found myself calling 911 trying urgently to get help for my grandmother who, as it turns out, was having a heart attack. the entire experience…from her calling, to our running over to her apt, to finding her, to calling for help, to landing in the ER…was horrible. she’s had a very trying 7 weeks of medical emergencies, one after the next, that have landed her in the ER/ICU/Rehab units. she had just graduated to returning to her own home and getting back to her life when this heart attack hit. we can hardly believe it. it just totally sucks.
i’m glad to be here. to be with my mom and greg who really need the support. they’ve been holding so much these last two months as they juggle working, caring for grandma, coordinating her care and the emotional struggle of it all. i’m here to help tend, and put all my years of medical social work to good use inside my family. but still….it’s hard for everyone to negotiate the tenderness that comes with an ailing elder. we are doing the best we can and i’m seriously grateful for all the aunts and uncles and cousins and sisters who are rallying together to do all we can to support and to lift up.
please keep her and our family in your thoughts/wishes/prayers….we are leaning into the collective all of those offerings at the moment.

Sending much love,

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