thoughts on 18 years of being on my own vs now

Apr 4, 2012 | Life in Progress

True, 18 months today! He is often described as relaxed, good eater, even better sleeper, and hilarious. Love this kid.
I was thinking the other day that it’s been many many MANY years since I’ve had an everyday life that revolved around family. I left for college just after turning 18 years old and ever since (minus short internships in my hometown), I’ve lived in other cities, away from my parents and sibling and nieces and nephews. For most of those years, I’ve lived 3000 miles away, learning to create a sense of family through circles of friends. I’ve always had close friends – a family of intention.
Of course, there was always John, but it’s just been the two of us – all of these years. And then there came True 11 years after getting married, and then came my parents (8 months after True’s birth) all the way from FL. And just like that, I’ve got family, right here, in my home, in my neighborhood, in my everyday life. My parents now live about a mile from us. I see them everyday. They play and watch True, eat meals with us, help us with projects. Mom and I go shopping, chit chat, and spend time working together (she is my new studio asst, but we call her studio mom).

It occurred to me the other day that this must be what having family nearby feels like: integrated, and just really really nice. After almost 18 years of being on my own without family nearby, it’s feels really special – like a sense of peace that I’m no longer far flung out into the world, but rather grounded and enclosed by this family circle.

I just love it.

follow your true north
This is a new print, available matted and signed by me right here. It’s also a long 8×24 canvas reproduction that recently released from my line with Demdaco and is available here for purchase.

PS: I just feeling called to say a big giant thank you to everyone who reads this blog, who has supported my work through the years. As my bio reads, I am unendingly grateful for the spirits of the women who walk with me, in flesh or in paint, on my incredible journey into art, love and life.

Sending much love,

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