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Jan 4, 2011 | Being A Mama, Life in Progress

before i begin, i just want to say that TOMORROW TOMORROW (tomorrow) i am offering a very special something to YOU!! you’ve all be asking for it and the new year is a perfect time to get it (think dreaming big, taking flight). i will only be offering this special something FOR ONE DAY ONLY, so get ready and be sure to come back to this space tomorrow!!!

true is three months old. just like that. my maternity leave is officially over, just like that, too. i have decided to slowly ease my way back in gently. gentle is my 2011 word, afterall.

i have a looonnnggg to-do list of art projects, home projects, blog projects, writing projects. my inspiration is getting ahead of me, though i’m learning to write it all down before it escapes my brain. i’m not sure yet how my work days will be structured now that i’m off maternity leave. i just know i’ll need the structure if i’m going to get anything done. i’ve been working very very hard to just simply be with him when he’s not napping which means short segments here and there to answer emails, computer work, etc when he is napping. this set up isn’t the best workwise, though it’s what i’ve been doing when john works (long 14+ days, 3 days/wk).

the good news is that we’ve made some big decisions over here which means less work hours for john which should mean more flexibility to our weeks without the need for childcare. my hope is to do most of my creative work in the evenings when baby true is fast asleep as well as some blocks of time throughout the week for biz. i’m sure it will be trial and error until we find that sweet spot. i’m just insanely grateful that we’re able to cut back on john’s hours – something he always dreamed of doing once we started a family. i’ll be cutting back on my hours, too – there’s simply no way i can (or want) to work the hours i worked in 2010, but i’m sure (i’m sure!) there is a way to work less while still being productive while still be fulfilled while still being inspired. i’m motivated to find that rhythm (wish me luck!).

during my search for that rhythm, my only goal is be with true during the days and hours that i have him – really with him. i don’t want to multitask work into the days that i’ve got baby true. it just makes me anxious. rather, i’m excited to find that sweet spot so that when it’s work time, it’s work time. and when it’s family time, it’s family time.

Sending much love,

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