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Apr 12, 2008 | Life in Progress

i am sitting her atop my bed looking out onto the many windows in front of me. it’s dusk and the smallness of the light is still coming in with a gentle warmth. i am feeling very, very peaceful – something that has been working it’s way thru the trenches of my body and soul these last couple of weeks and finally, finally, seems to have made its appearance. i’m hoping it will stay for awhile, make a home.

i arrived home from artfest exhausted and sick. john says i’ve had ‘a touch’ of the flu this week, and i wish to never have ‘the touch’ ever again. it’s been a week of body aches, uncomfortable sleep, weakness, and all sorts of ailments i’ll spare the details of here. but i will say that being gone for a week coupled with this week, with all its yuck aside, has given me the gift of perspective and distance.

in between my sneezing, coughing, and medicated naps, i’ve been making joyous plans for when i feel better – the things i want to change, the things i don’t. i’ve enjoyed the time away from the computer, from work, from self-imposed pressure. i love how feeling ill gives us perspective. about what really matters. about how we really want to live. for me, the message came thru loud and clear this week: focus on what feels very real in your life.

got it.

i was a little off track, but now, now i got it. thank you, sickness. thank you, wellness.

ps – please head over to my friend jen’s blog and see what’s been happening over there. your spirits will be so, so lifted.


Sending much love,

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  1. Patti G.

    I read your blog and my heart felt for you, from feeling not well, to the wonderful experiences in class, with friends, with your MOM, with bloggers who found you at venders night…..all the way through to where you are making changes in your day/computer time/etc. that works for you. I wish you well and balance in all you do so that you are able to continue to create your wonderful pieces and yet bloom inside as a person too! :0) Your book cover is glorious!!!! I am sure your poetry writing will take off, everything you touch seems to flourish! Happy going Kelly!


    so sorry you’ve been ill….feel better 🙂

  3. justagirl

    thanks for the email re:heart.

    It is a funny thing when you get ill and your body feels like crap, how even though your head also aches your mind can become clear on what is important.

    I had heart problems a few years ago and had to have an operation to fix a glitch. But in that time I became very focused on what it was I needed in my life, and made a plan.

    So I understand where you are and hope you are feeling better.


    ps as a kid I thought when you got sick you had to pass it on to someone to get rid of it yourself. Like a game of tag… bug tag.

  4. Colorsonmymind

    I love what Jen is doing:)

    I am so sorry you have been sick-our house has been a bot sick too over the past weeks and it is just no fun.

    Hope it passes quickly.

  5. gem

    mmmhh…yes, “focus on what feels very real in your life.”
    in light,

  6. Brandy

    Wow! You are a GREAT artist : ) Beautiful work you have. I might just jump over to your Etsy and purchase some up for my little girls room. Love it!! Check out my blogs to win, and share with others for even more chances.…


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