Top 3 things I’m freaking out over lately

Sep 6, 2019 | Life in Progress

(I’m wearing a dress and paints from my favorite, Gudrun)


I’ve been celebrating over here the last couple of days. So much goodness happening in life and in biz. And my heart is full to the brim.

I’m a firm believer in celebrating allllll the things – the micro victories, the middles, the ends, the silver linings, the unexpected, the big leaps, the lessons learned (often from hard times), the milestones, the ordinariness, the miracles. It’s all worthy. And I don’t think we’re celebrating enough.

And friends, I have been celebrating my little heart out over here over a few BIGGIES.

First, Art Dates with Kelly Rae  is off and running and it was perhaps the most successful launch we’ve ever had. That is saying A LOT as we’ve been so blessed to have some great launches over the last 13 years.

I have many thoughts about WHY this offering took off, but I think a lot of it has to do with the choice I made last year to simplify my life and business, which inserted more of ME back into my business (vs paying others to support my biz) which translated into authentic creation and excitement about Art Dates. It really is what I’ve been working toward, waiting for, hoping for, and more. GRATEFUL.



Secondly, John and I celebrated 18 years of marriage (20 together) over the long weekend. I’m grateful for all the ebbs and flows, and yet this particular season of togetherness is feeling summerish, like we are harvesting the abundance of all that we’ve learned in our partnership. The skies are blue and the sun is out. GRATEFUL.



Thirdly, True started the THIRD grade today. When did that happen? How? All I know is that we have a full on third grade boy who is vibrant, happy, and the love of our lives. GRATEFUL.

Tell me what you’re celebrating over there. The bigs, the tinies, the visions for harvest season, all of it. Let’s hold space for one another. xo and thank you for celebrating with me!

Sending much love,

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  1. Karen Stevens

    I learned of you at the Stamp and Scrapbook Expo in Marlborough,MA. I won a prize from Joggles and she had some of your products. I was curious about you so googled you. How awesome to discover we are both social workers and creators. I will be following your blog to be inspired.

  2. Patricia Rawlings

    When one of my friends husband was killed I purchased one of your angels to watch over her and put my phone number on the bottom of it so that she was free to call any time. I have continued to buy my friends your beautiful creations.
    Thankyou for what you stand for.
    I surely am glad have found your blog.
    Loving Life xx
    Cheers trish

    • Kelly Rae Roberts

      Thank you for sharing that powerful story with me, Trish. Wow, wow, wow.


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