uncontained joy.

Apr 30, 2010 | Life in Progress

that's me
joy captured. me, taken by andrea scher, two summers ago.

every now and again they sneak in: you don’t deserve this. you are asking for too much. one day soon, the good fortune shoe is going to drop.

these last couple of weeks I have felt the warmth and the excitement of all the really big things happening in our life. on top of it all (which seems to be happening all at once –> the move back to portland, our new house, the remodeling, the ecourse, the new agent/licensing gigs, etc), we are having a baby and that baby is moving these days. and i am more in love with my husband than ever before which didn’t even feel possible.
i could almost explode with joy. if it weren’t for those insistent gremlins, i wonder if i would explode with joy. i’m reminded of the idea of learning to trust the abundance, of leaning into (deeply) the experience of all of this, of recognizing that much of it is magic yet much of it is the combined efforts of hard work + perspective + choosing to celebrate + the universe showing us its grace and magic and spiritual gifts.
this is truly a time of blessings and i want to show up in gratitude for all of it. joy isn’t meant to be contained, or over explained, or boxed in. i’m learning that right now as i try and give myself permission to sink into all the blessings without deflating them with the internal messages that creep in every now and again insisting that this isn’t meant for me, that this life is someone else’s, that it’s all just pretend.
i’m also deeply aware of the ebb and flow of life. one day you are in the center of joy. and the next you are in center of despair. it’s a tricky life. but i’ll take it. all of it.
speaking of joy, my pal andrea has been making a small batch of her famous superhero necklaces. get em’ while you can as there is a limited supply for mother’s day only. my fave? this one, of course! and worth every penny. i swear, i feel like a superhero when i wear her necklaces.

Sending much love,

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