Unfurling, New Art, and trip to CA

Dec 9, 2021 | Life in Progress

(NEW art > available here)


A couple of weeks ago, I drove down to California to celebrate Andrea’s 50th and her new book, too. I haven’t taken a road trip all by myself in a very long time, and let me tell you, it was amazing. Chilling in the slow lane, windows down. Singing along to my fave tunes, dancing it out in the driver’s seat. By the time I made it halfway through the 8 hour trip, I was beaming.

These last couple of years of Pandemic times, I have, in some ways, folded into myself. You, too? This road trip felt like I was unfurling in the best of ways. There she is! Hello, I have missed you! Let’s have some FUN! 



I did lots of adventuring during my visit. I ate out at yummy restaurants, made art in Mati’s gorgeous studio, attended a grand book launch party in a beautiful barn by the sea, played games, played dress up, did a boot camp workout, took walks,  hung out with some of my favorite people on the planet, and even did a photoshoot with my favorite photography duo.

Through it all, I felt the thawing, the unfurling, the emergence of a version of myself that I have missed. I think sometimes we need to do the things that we’re certain will make us feel more in the center of our being. For me, I needed a trip with my old friends. The people who make me come alive just by being themselves.

I arrived home with a boatload of inspiration to fuel me for months to come. Upon arriving home, I got news that I’d be starting a long healing journey (thank you for the kindness and encouragement on that post, by the way). I’m so grateful I had my trip to CA to fortify me for months to come. There are no coincidences, just divine timing. 

These truly are the days.

Big love, Kelly Rae

PS: Tell me what you’ve done lately to come alive. We have all been though so much these last couple of years with the Pandemic. How are your nurturing your heart?

Sending much love,

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